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Logo Animations – A Brand Investment

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In this edition of RCM’s video production tips, hints and information, we’re looking at Logo animations.
You’ll discover why this is one of those features that you can add to your Video Marketing that is almost guaranteed to lift the perceived quality of your brand– to make it seem like a million bucks for a relatively small investment.

PRO BONO Fund Raising Videos

Pro Bono Fund Raising Videos

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RCM video production supports many worthy organisations and we do it in a way that benefits both parties.
There are many commendable organisations that are in need of help and a fund raising video that promotes awareness is a great way to do just that, help.


Story Telling Through Video

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Do you have a story to tell? Of course you do, we all do! Our stories make us who we are. Triumphant stories, tragic stories, our achievements and relationships. All too often these stories remain untold, and rarely are they told in front of a video camera.


Conference Video Production for Skills Victoria

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ockmans Creative Media showcases one of four video productions created for Skills Victoria. The videos will be shown within a conference PowerPoint presentation as well as on the Skills Victoria website. The aim for each video production was to promote the great need and successes of The Victorian Training Guarantee.

The Naomi Show

The Naomi Show – A Website Video Series

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Working in broadcast television gives you wonderful contacts. Director Josh Rockman worked with Naomi Robson at Channel Seven promoting Today Tonight. When Naomi left Channel Seven and Today Tonight one of her passion projects was to create a Website Video series called “The Naomi Show”.


Promotional Video For Slumber Bub

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They say never work with animals or babies!!
Well, when Slumber Bub approached RCM to create company Promotional Videos and Training Videos for their new on-line baby sleep program we were concerned about the myth as the videos involved age specific Instructional Videos for babies aged 6 to 12 months old.


A Promotional Video for the Coptic Orthodox Church

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The Coptic Orthodox Church in Melbourne approached Rockmans Creative Media for an exciting new video production project in January 2010. The Coptic Orthodox Church does a large amount of mission work in Fiji and their next venture is to build an orphanage for 100 boys and girls in Nadi, Fiji.