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Welcome to our Training Video Production page, stick with us for the next few minutes and we’ll show you why Video Training is not only a very powerful training tool, but is cost effective as well.

To get you started why not press play on the intro video. Then we’ve got a great example from a series created for AED Authority.

And afterwards we’ll explain why training videos may be perfect for your Melbourne business.

Why Do You Need a Training Video?

It’s a great question and one that we hear from Melbourne Businesses all the time, so if you want to get the best out of your workforce and need to deliver top-quality training at an affordable cost, unlock the potential of video with Rockmans Creative Media.

Your workforce is your greatest asset, and companies thrive when their workers are confident in their jobs and motivated to perform well.

Training is an essential part of the ongoing development of your staff, starting from the day they join your company and continuing throughout their professional lives with you. But the time and money it takes can sometimes be prohibitive. It’s time to discover the power of video to standardise your training, cut costs and improve your company culture.

How to Deliver Consistent Training Each & Every Time

These days in order to stay competitive, a modern workplace requires a well trained workforce. Using professional video can be a cost effective and powerful training tool.

Video is the ideal way of conveying important messages to your workforce – over 90 percent of information people receive through video is retained. Even if they do forget some of it, videos are constantly available, so staff can refresh their knowledge whenever they feel they need to, saving you money on costly retraining.

This first example delivers instructions and demonstrates how to use a defibrillator. It shows how video can communicate essential Health and Safety information to your workforce or customers in an engaging and understandable way.

This video is from a set of training content used on our clients website.


Animated Instructional Video Production.

Instructional Videos

For many products it’s vital that directions are given on how to use, apply or assemble them. Instructional videos allow your customers to partake in step by step training at their leisure, so they can safely and properly use your product. They can be added to your website as well as being included with the product or as part of your website marketing content.

Our example here is an instructional video production for Fortis Marine and their advanced marine coatings. We decided that animating the video would be the simplest and clearest way to demonstrate the application process.

A training video is a cost effective and consistent way to train new staff members, they can be viewed multiple times to ensure the methods are learnt well.

You can request staff to view them monthly, quarterly or annually and they can sign off that they have viewed the video; this is great way to refresh their knowledge over time.

Video is the ideal medium for improving your company culture

Unlike written text or presentations, video has the added advantage of being more engaging – it can involve the viewer in compelling narratives, made even more memorable by devices such as graphics and animation. These techniques present information in an easily digestible way that creates an emotional connection between the staff member and the company.

This produces a cohesive and loyal workforce who have all received exactly the same information and feel more valued and connected to the company as a result. This increases productivity and reduces staff turnover, having a positive impact on your profits and saving you money on recruitment.

It is important to note that in order to be successful, a training video has to be modern and of professional quality. It has to be visually appealing, and be able to engage the audience and hold their attention.
It takes know-how, experience and the right equipment and crew to produce high quality results.


A glimpse inside the ACM”s deep tissue massage course.

RCM created a series of training videos for the Australian College of Massage; these detailed videos running close to 6 hours in duration are used as a part of a correspondence course so students can study in their own time and at a location of their choice.


Why video works for staff training

All your staff deserve and need the same high-quality training. But consistency can be a problem, especially when your top trainers aren’t available or your business operates across a number of different sites. Inconsistent training can lead to some staff missing out on vital information or being unsure of what the company expects of them, making it impossible for them to perform at their best.

Video negates these problems. By creating a single video for each training purpose – such as induction or health and safety – you can ensure that every staff member receives exactly the same information and has a clear notion of the company’s ethos and working practices.

eLearning Training Videos

Video helps with eLearning, if you are an education or training provider, video can be a great tool for making sure all students are up to speed before they start on a course. Giving them access to explanatory videos before they start will ensure they have the fundamental knowledge they’ll need, bringing all participants to the same level so classes won’t be held up by students who have less prior experience.

In these examples of a series of training videos produced for Holmesglen TAFE, students learn basic cooking skills and are introduced to some of the methods they’ll be using, before they’ve even started the course. This enables you to offer students increased value once classes actually begin.

Learn about the chef  knives kit, cutting techniques & keeping them razor sharp.

Learn how effective Food Presentation really is the missing ingredient to a good meal.

Why choose Rockmans Creative Media?

Professional quality videos are essential if you want your training to be effective. The information has to be presented in a clear and engaging way that your staff or customers will want to connect with.

Rockmans Creative Media is a professional video production company with an expert creative team, predominantly drawn from the television industry. With a vast and varied range of video commissions, we know exactly what works when it comes to producing engaging and informative training videos.

We offer a complete, bespoke video services, taking care of every detail from initial concept, scripting and filming, through to graphics, music and editing, providing you with a polished, professional training video to make your company offering stand out from the crowd.

Call us on 03 9500 0053 or email to enable your staff to reach their true potential.

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Raython Holden Training Video Shoot

Raython Holden Training Video Shoot

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