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Animated Corporate Videos are a blessing for many business as they offer visuals that typically don’t exist or can’t be filmed, such as inside the human body or an engine, but let’s not stop there…

…our first animated video example was originally planned for a video shoot but as we worked on the script we realised that it would cost less to animate the entire video rather than shoot over days and in various locations (including underwater).

The decision was made to animate the video and the end result shows that it was not only a smart and cost saving one but made for a memorable and effective Promotional video.

Fortis Marine Animated Video

Animation videos can be used to promote, train, educate, explain or showcase almost any product or service.

They have a higher share rate on social media and, when done right are very memorable.

Our next animated video example needed to convey a lot of complex information, most of which doesn’t exist to capture on camera.

RCM used animating text, visual diagrams and photographs to deliver the script in an engaging way.

DuPont Animated Video

Animated Promotional Video Example – DuPont from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

Animated videos certainly don’t need to be Toy Story quality to deliver the required message.

They can be created simply and quickly using photographs, text, icons and images.

Our next animated video example is the simplest and quickest of all…
…very basic but very effective in its delivery of message.

IEZZI Tork Animated Video.

RCM can help you with scripts, storyboards, production music and creation of your next animated video.

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