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Using Video Content to Build Authority

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Why Video is One of the Best Ways To Build Your Authority

G’day I’m Josh and welcome to RCM’s video production tips, hints and information. In this edition I’m going talk about Video Content for Authority.

Now you’ve probably heard the word authority a lot recently as its one of Google’s important factors when it comes to page ranking.

Authority is being known in your field on the web and standing out in your profession and it’s doing this by establishing the knowledge behind your your brand as trustworthy by having quality content that is objective and informative for the viewer, as opposed to promotional.

It’s giving your customers knowledge and educating them so they can make the right choices regarding the products or services in your industry, and it’s doing this on a ongoing basis.

So to get authority you need content, lots of it, and video is king of content so it really is the best way to reach an audience and measure the results.

How to Save Money Creating High Quality Video

Creating high quality and ongoing video content may seem like a huge investment in time and money but there are a few simple ways to reduce this and that’s by producing videos in bulk.

Recording 5, 10, 20 plus videos over a single shoot day has many benefits as it allows for huge discounts on the costs per video.
It means that the production crew, music licensing and graphics are all one off expense but you also gain months of video content from it.
It also ensures that a high level of brand consistency is delivered with the videos as they are all created and delivered as a set.

Yes, video authority content is an added business expense, we understand that, but think of it like creating business cards or your website, it is an expense that grows your brand and offers a return of investment.

When it comes to distributing video content we believe the best way is to drip feed between once a week to once a month and on every platform that you can. On your website, on your Youtube, your facebook, your google plus page and all the rest of those sociasl channels you are on – once you have done that Tweet about it!
We all know social media is a hungry beast and in order to gain authority you have to be consistent and have lots of content.


Example of Authority Video Content

An example of video content for authority is a series of videos we recently produced for Murnong Farming Inverleigh. Over a single shoot day we recorded the ingredients for 24 Question & Answer videos that delivered honest and frank answers relevant to their industry; they even gave away a few secrets.
The videos were created and delivered as a set and Murnong Farming can now drip feed those videos to their website and across their social media networks as they require.

When it came to creating authority content for our business the hardest thing we found was overcoming the instinct to protect our procedures, our methods and our broadcast secrets.
Afterall the last thing we wanted to do was to educate our competitors!
But as we travelled down the road of authority content we realised that the more open we were, the more information we gave away the better it all worked.

I hope this gives you a good understanding of what Video Content for Authority is and how to use it and of course if you need further advice see our website at or contact us on Melbourne 9500 0053. Till next time….that a wrap

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