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An Event Video can be a video that captures the entire proceedings of the event,
or a highlight video (otherwise known as a Sizzle Reel) that is an edited cut down of the event.

There are also videos specifically created to play at events.

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Event Video Production: Capture the Value & Use it Again & Again

Want to promote your upcoming events, iInform visitors, motivate staff and establish yourself as a leader in your industry? An event video can do all this and more.

Your company events are essential for promoting your business – so why not increase their success by capturing them on video? A professionally-produced event video has a vast number of uses when it comes to enhancing your professional authority and boosting your brand. Video is a great way to visually document an event and can be used internally and externally to promote, explain, train and remember the information and demonstrations shown. Other than being a memorable memento, a professionally edited and produced event video assures your message is heard long after the event itself.

Event videos celebrate success

A video of your event can be a powerful motivator for your staff – it celebrates the success of the company and reminds them of the good time they had together out of the workplace setting. This shared memory promotes collaboration in the workplace and gives them an all-important reminder that their bosses are human too!

Showing the human side of your company can also make you more appealing to customers and potential recruits if you post your event video online. Public access to this video can enable your brand message to reach new audiences by showing a different side of the business, as demonstrated below in our video for the Sydney Swans’ 25th Anniversary celebration.

Event videos can promote your products

There are numerous ways in which event videos can increase awareness of your products online. The most obvious is to share footage of demonstrations of your products that have taken place at your event. However, it doesn’t have to be this obvious. Our video below for Sunshine Creek Winery focuses mainly on the players, the polo game and those attending. However, through short interviews and shots of the wine, it also manages to spread the brand message about the wine produced there.

Sunshine Creek Winery Polo Team

Sydney Swans 25th Anniversary Red Carpet

Highlights of previous events encourage attendance

An event highlights video, known as a Sizzle Reel, can work well for these purposes. This video we produced for Toyota Dealers Meet captures the atmosphere of their event, including clips of the entertainment and delegates enjoying themselves, as well as reminding viewers of the event’s purpose with snippets of key speeches and demonstrations.

This event looks informative, entertaining and fun, making it ideal for promoting future events and encouraging people to register

Many companies hold large training events and seminars where new ideas and practices are discussed and rolled out. These events are crammed full of information and demonstrations so the likelihood of attendees remembering all is not high…and that’s where video comes in.

Toyota Dealer Event Video

Event videos can improve your content marketing

Content marketing is all about helping your brand to stand out online by offering your followers useful and informative content that establishes you as an authority in your industry. An event video provides some ideal opportunities for this, particularly if you post footage of keynote speeches, seminars or demonstrations that have taken place at your event, such as in this example Conference highlight reel.

Making the essential information from your event available online also enables delegates to refresh their memories of what they learned, and ensures that anyone who could not attend can still receive some of the benefits of the ideas shared at your event.

Videos can add value at events

Videos can also be produced to be screened at one or more events, to add value for attendees by getting key messages across. We created the below video for Swinburne University of Technology specifically to be shown at their graduation ceremony, featuring messages that essential staff members wanted to pass on to the graduating class and their guests.

In contrast, the below Skills Victoria video could be shown at a wide variety of company events, as it shows its working practices and explains how the organisation has developed and grown – evergreen messages that are of interest to everyone involved with the company in any way.

Swinburne University Of Technology

Skills Victoria

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With a wealth of experience producing videos for many purposes at a wide variety of events, Rockmans Creative Media have the knowledge and skills to capture the best footage from your event and edit it professionally, showing your business in its best light. Our work speaks for itself – but if you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please call us on 03 9500 0053, email, or complete our online contact form to discover the power of event video for yourself.

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Shooting a Presentation Event Video

Shooting a Presentation Event Video

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