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An Event Video can be a video that captures the entire proceedings of the event,
or a highlight video (otherwise known as a Sizzle Reel) that is an edited cut down of the event.

There are also videos specifically created to play at events.

On this page you find examples of each and further information.
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Event Video: Capture the Value & Use it Again & Again

So you’ve planned for months and you’re spending a fortune but what happens when the event is over?
Where’s the lasting benefit?
What about the important people that couldn’t attend?
Video is a great way to visually document an event and be can used internally and externally to promote, explain, train and remember the information and demonstrations shown.

Other than being a memorable memento, a professionally edited and produced event video assures your message is heard long after the event itself.
This is essential for those who could not attend, and wonderful to document vital information for future reference and growth.
They are also an underrated tool – capable of accentuating the human aspect of your company, showing the men and women of your business in a relaxed, casual environment and highlighting your authority, knowledge and presenting skills.

Sunshine Creek Winery Polo Team
Sydney Swans 25th Anniversary Red Carpet
Company Event Videos

Many companies hold large training events and seminars where new ideas and practices are discussed and rolled out.
These events are crammed full of information and demonstrations so the likelihood of attendees remembering all is not high…and that’s where video comes in.
With the entire proceedings captured nothing is lost; those who attended can refresh the required information easily and those who didn’t can have access to the information.
Highlight videos (Sizzle Reels) are a great way to celebrate the event and deliver the buzz and impressions of what took place.

Toyota Dealer Event Video
PTS Consultants
Business Event Videos

Presenting at a conference?
Exhibiting at a trade show?
Guest speaker at a seminar?
These are all promotional opportunities. If captured on video, along with testimonials from the attendees the ingredients are there for a production company to create a promotional video.
These videos show you as an authority in your field, they highlight your expertise and deliver authenticity to your message.

In this example you can see how we incorporate the event proceedings along with testimonials and an interview to create a video that can used as promotional tool for the brand and presenter.

Presentation Event Videos

Incorporating video into event presentations allows you to demonstrate and display content that could otherwise not be done at the venue.
They complement speeches and presentations and can be used at conferences, trade shows and any event.
When you can’t bring the required people or places or to your audience, video delivers.

Below are 2 samples of event presentation videos RCM created.
The first is for Swinburne University of Technology; this video plays to begin their Graduation Ceremony and delivers emotions of significance and excitement.
The second is a sample from a set of conference videos produced for Skills Vic.
These videos made it possible for the audience to see and understand businesses that were involved in one of their programs.

Swinburne University Of Technology
Skills Victoria

Check Out a Case Study!

Because we believe in holding very little back we’ve created case studies for a lot of the most popular styles of video we get asked to do.
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Shooting a Presentation Event Video

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