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Simple or complex, training and educating needs to be done right and needs to be delivered with consistency and then repeated.

The training also needs to be engaging so it holds attention and assures the information gets through.

So when it came to educating preschool children and staff at childcare centres around Australia and New Zealand, training videos were the smart choice.

The training focused on hand hygiene for Adults and Children – now that sounds simple enough but when it came to the correct way of hand washing, we discovered a lot of us do it in the wrong order or simply miss steps.

With general hand hygiene the video provided great reminders on what we overlook and really shouldn’t.

The 2 videos below (first is for Staff, the second for children) provide the viewers with consistent information in an engaging way…especially for the children.

If you can make education fun, learning becomes easy, so both videos have a lots of colour, movement, upbeat music and friendly female voice overs.

The videos will be uploaded to their internal intranet site and will available all day every day.

Staff can view and re-view as many times as required and they can show children the video regularly and easily anywhere across the 2 countries.

Training videos are also a quick and simple way to educate new staff and new children to the childcare centres. Everyone gets the same information no matter where they are and no matter when they join.

Hand Hygiene Training Video for Educators

TORK Healthy Little Hands Training Video from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

Hand Hygiene Training Video for Children

Children Hand Washing Training Video from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

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Training Videos

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