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Logo Animations – A Brand Investment

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Video Production Tips and Tricks: Logo Animations

In this edition of RCM’s video production tips, hints and information, we’re looking at Logo animations.
You’ll discover why this is one of those features that you can add to your video marketing that is almost guaranteed to lift the perceived quality of your brand– to make it seem like a million bucks for a relatively small investment.
We’ll delve into the reasons why these are so powerful, and how you can use them to get the jump on your competition.
We’ll also let you know about a great package we have that can get you all set up for your next video production.

What is a logo animation?

We all know what a logo is right?…
it’s an image that represents a company, business or organisation.
Sometimes it’s made up of an icon, sometimes it’s just text like the business name and sometimes it’s a combination.
What a logo does is convey the company, business or organisation’s image as well as delivering a simple branding message.

I bet you can imagine what the Specsavers logo looks like, or the KFC logo?
How ‘bout Telstra and Toyota?
…these are logos that we know, but these are static logos…there is no movement, purely a print
….now a logo animation is taking that existing still image and animating it to bring the logo to life.


Classic examples that we will all know are the wonderful logo animations from the movie studios…think about the Pixar logo animation with the jumping lamp or Columbia Studios logo animation featuring the lady holding up the torch or what about the DreamWorks logo animation with the boy fishing from the moon!

We have trust in those familiar animations and the studios they represent.  These are logo animations that when we’re sitting in the cinema fill our hearts with anticipation and with comfort as we know we are in good hands and we know what’s going to follow.

Next time you’re watching television take note at the end of programs and commercials, this is where you will see other logo animations.
Logo animations can be simple or complex…but either delivers the desired results.

Why Bother Animating Your Logo?

Why do small and large companies, business and organisations animate their logos?

Animating your logo brings your brand to life,

It reinforces and builds on your image…

But most importantly a logo animation tells the viewer that your brand is worth investing in!

It says that your company, business or organisation is worthy of attention, that it is an asset and holds credibility.
A logo animation will take the perception of your company to a higher level; they deliver personality and when used to open videos with, will set the standard for what’s to come.

perception to higher level two

Investing in your brand should be ongoing…
…it’s vital for any business to keep building credibility and to differentiate….its why RCM does these videos!

Your clients will make their decisions based on how closely aligned their standards and values are with yours – by animating your logo you can deliver that credibility and stature to your brand.

A still logo just cannot compete.
Have a look at your competition, do they feature animating logos?
Do you need to play catch up, or is this a chance for you to give your brand a massive push beyond what your competitors are doing – it’s amazing what a logo animation does for your brand value!

Our Logo Animations Package

At RCM we design and create logo animations that are incorporated into our video productions.

We showcase logo animations at the start and end of a video (the crucial moments)

We create 2D and 3D logo animations

We offer a package that includes a logo animation, an animating title strap and background animation

The title strap is used to introduce people appearing on camera…like this:



The background animation is used under title pages, lists and call to action pages…like this:

BKG animations


Here’s some ways our Melbourne clients have chosen to use their Logo Animation outside of their videos:  (because they love them so much):

Used as their websites open page with a “click the logo to enter site” link

Used as animating .gif built into email signatures

Trade shows on loop

In their office reception on loop

Logo animations help you explain your promise, your standards, your credibility…it’s the shining example that will motivate clients to join forces with you and make your cause their own…

If you’d like to see some examples of the logo animations we create make sure you play the short video at the top of the page.

I hope this information was useful and of course if you need further advice contact us on;

Melbourne 9500 0053.

Till next time….that a wrap!

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