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Promotional Web Videos are the most powerful medium to deliver key information to your core audience.
It’s sheer versatility for exposure is why it’s the fastest growing Marketing Method.

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Web Video = Promotional Video

At Rockmans Creative Media we believe all web videos are promotional videos as they represent your brand and company image. Promotional and marketing web videos can educate, inform, showcase, and create interest. They can include testimonials and demonstrations as well as highlighting your key features, point-of-differences, staff and premises. But most importantly they should drive people to a follow up action, so it’s vital that they are created for the right audience and placed on the correct page to reach that audience.

If you’re serious about promoting your business online, you need to be using video. It’s creative, it’s highly memorable, and it’s the way most people prefer to receive information. You can create involving narratives using a huge variety of techniques, encouraging your audience to engage with your brand.

Explain How Your Products Work

Consumers and business decision makers alike are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it, and more and more of them are now using video to inform and influence their purchase decisions. Explainer videos are extremely useful when it comes to selling your products or sevices online, and instructional training videos can boost sales by explaining how to use your products.

Our first example below, for TORK Industrial Cleaning Cloths, shows a simple product demonstration, comparing the product to a standard method and showing how effective it is, persuading the audience to try the product.

However, expert Web Video Production Melbourne can be used to sell products in an extensive number of ways. As you can see from the video we created for Pub Payments, sometimes making a product seem fun and easy is a highly effective sales technique.

Tork Promotional Video (created for Iezzi)

Pub Payments Promotional Video

Landing Page Videos

These videos focus on a product or service specific to the page they on, a strong example of this is our short into video at the top of this page. Landing page videos convert more than any other you can place on a website due to the precise messages and call to actions for the viewer to act on immediately.


Use Creative Techniques to Tell Your Story

Where video really scores over other media is the amount of creativity you can use to make your brand and product or service memorable to your audience. In this video for RocheMartin and their Smart Coach book, we combined a motion graphics, reviews, interviews, voice overs, a customer testimonial and inspiring music in order to create the impression of the product being essential for success. This video sit on the page where you can purchase the book online.


Production Experience is Key

There are many factors that go into creating successful content,  but the most important ones are the professionalism and knowledge of the production team and crew. The script and presentation must be geared towards achieving specific outcomes, and the final outcome must be professionally produced and edited. Vision and overall quality of the presentation is also very important. A good message can easily be lost in a bad video. Viewers will associate the quality of your video with the company brand and image so it’s important to have well polished, professional content.

RocheMartin Landing Page Video

MST Lawyers Content Marketing Video

Quality Rich Content = Authority Content

Google wants to see you are a information contributor and an authority in your field. The internet gives you great access to public platforms, social media sites and video sharing sites that are wonderful platforms that you can use to host your video and secure your company as an authority in its sector. This category of web video is designed to educate your customers and clients in a non promotional way, and in turn, tells Google that you are trusted and worthy of a higher page rank. This is very different to corporate videos which are direct promoting of your company or business.

Content marketing is now essential for every business online, and video can be one of the most effective ways of providing your audience with useful information related to your industry. This establishes you as a thought leader and a trusted source of content, which helps your videos to get shared more on social media and builds social proof for your brand.

The video we produced for MST Lawyers uses role play to convey the information in a memorable way. The business is humanised even further by members of staff taking part in the role play scenarios. In addition, the clear call to action at the end demonstrates how effective video can be at persuading your audience to engage further with your brand in the way that you want.

Home Page Videos – Introduce your audience to your business

Websites that include video consistently rank higher in search results than those without. This means that video drives more organic traffic to your website, enabling new audiences to discover your business and potentially become new customers. Visitors also stay longer on websites that include video.

This is why introducing your business with a video on your Home page can be an effective way of encouraging visitors to explore the rest of your site. Sometimes a simple human touch is all that’s needed.

Video can also provide an introduction for your audience by showing your business in action, such as our video for Murnong Farming Inverleigh. The vision of life on the farm leads the viewer into the website, while management and  staff explain their jobs as well as how to navigate the site.

Techniques such as these immediately highlight the unique qualities of your business and make you more memorable to the audiences you need.

Murnong Farming Home Page Video

Premier Technologies Client Testimonial Video

Give Your Business Credibility with Testimonials

Online reviews and customer testimonials are now as trusted by consumers as recommendations from family and friends. Video is the perfect medium for testimonials as your audience can see the expressions and body language of the person giving the testimonial, proving that it’s genuine and making your business seem safe and trustworthy.

This can be seen to good effect in our video for Premier Technologies. The firm’s services are explained, promoted and recommended by a client and by created the video with high quality production values it sticks in the mind of the viewer, meaning this business will be the first they think of should they ever require the service.

Experience is Key !

Rockmans Creative Media brings a professional skill set and over 18 years ongoing television experience to your video project.

We understand that we are custodians of your brand.
Our promotional videos are unique, and tailor-made to meet your company objectives.

We know how to produce engaging, attention grabbing and interesting promotional videos.

A high-quality video is essential if you want to build the good reputation of your brand online. Trusting your project to a reputable professional video production company is the only way to be sure your video will pass the strict quality standards of today’s consumers.

At Rockmans Creative Media our highly creative team all come from a background in television and we work closely with our clients to produce content that showcase their businesses and products in the best possible light for the budget permitted.

Video Production Shoot on Location

Video Production Shoot on Location

Video Production with JimmyJib Crane

Video Production with JimmyJib Crane

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  • Rockmans Creative Media brings a professional skill set and over 18 years ongoing television experience to your video project.
  • We understand that we are custodians of your brand.
  • Our promotional videos are unique, and are tailor-made to meet your company objectives.
  • We know how to produce engaging, attention grabbing and interesting promotional videos.

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