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Every sales person knows that you need an engaging way to break the ice, and a great follow strategy to secure the client.
A sales video is a wonderful key to unlocking your potential client’s attention and their time!

At Rockmans Creative Media we produce profit-pulling sales videos that for most businesses deliver an ROI with the first client won!

It’s what we call a no-brainier sales tool that once created, can be used again and again with great success.

Sales Video – The Great Ice Breaker.

At RCM we get calls from salespeople often, in most cases we’re too busy to take the call or we’ll give a minute before cutting them off to get back to work. Our time is precious and we can’t simply stop production to speak to every salesperson that calls or emails. With a sales video you can quickly introduce yourself then pass the video link to the potential client so they can view it when it’s best for them…here’s one example of how that call might go…

“Hi Barry, I’m calling from RCM, I know your time is precious but would it be all right if I send you an email with a link to a video that explains our services and the benefits to you…I’ll call you in a week so we can chat more”.

In that short 15 seconds, an introduction is made, respect of their time is shown, an unknown benefit peaks interest, a call back is expected and most importantly your pitch (via the video) is delivered and received!

Our first example is the RMS Hotel sales video that was created specifically for the President of Global Sales to use.
His target market is 4 and 5 star Hoteliers whose time is valuable and sort after. This sales video will be sent after initial contact is made and gives a strong foundation to work with on the follow up call.

RMS Hotel Sales Video. 

Our second example comes from the Eltech Global sales video series. Eltech Global has 3 main salespeople so RCM created what is called in the TV business “a doughnut”. This simply means a video that stays the same bar from the top and tail.

Each video uses one of Eltech’s 3 salespeople to present the opener and closers, thus giving a personalised message to potential clients they have just spoken to…and as Terry says “Thanks for your time spent on the phone earlier, it was great to talk to you. Whilst it would be good to meet you face to face, here’s a short video I can share with you now”…

Eltech Global Sales Video

Sales videos are not designed to seal the deal, people buy from people not videos, what a sales video delivers on is the ability to peak interest in your product or service, to get the potential client to want more information, to want you to call and welcome you when you do.

At Rockmans Creative Media we can help you with concepts and scripts, production from end to end, music, graphics and full creation of your next sales video.

Call RCM on Melbourne 03 9500 0053 email or simply contact us today by clicking the Get In touch Button to get started.

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