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Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Halla, Hallo!

Rockmans Creative Media breaks down language barriers with multilingual corporate and promotional video productions in Melbourne. Be it Mandarin, German, French or even pygmy we have the resources, talent and experience to deliver your next corporate or promotional video in any language required.

On this page we have an example project for DuPont Delrin. After creating the original promotional video in English the next step was to re-create it in German and then Mandarin (subtitled). We also did a French version which is last video example on this page.

Here are the four videos starting with the English version then German, Chinese and French.
DuPont Delrin – English

DuPont Delrin – English

DuPont Delrin – German

DuPont Delrin – Mandarin

Rockmans Creative Media Multilingual production services offer high-end, professional and accurate videos for your businesses global needs. We deliver on time, on budget and can assist you with translations, Presenters, Voice overs, multilingual text and as much help and advice as required.
DuPont Delrin – French

Take advantage of new countries, new markets and new opportunities by speaking the native language!

Contact us today and discuss how we can partner with you to produce your next video project in multiple languages on Melbourne 03 9500 0053 or simply contact us today by clicking the Get In touch Button below, drop us a line on

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