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Does your facebook page lack video content?

I’m not talking cute kitten videos from YouTube… rather professionally produced videos focused clearly on your business, your brand and your clients.

More and more businesses and organisations understand the need to use social media, and I think it’s clear to all who do it well, that it enhances the bottom line and builds long lasting relationships… it is well worth doing right. So let’s state the obvious (but so often not delivered on); a social media page must be engaging!
A facebook page displaying text only is lifeless, colorless and demands the user work for the information, in most cases they will simply move on.
To engage your social media followers you need to offer a smorgasbord of content including videos, photos, text posts and links… and a video production can deliver on all four!

Ongoing text topics are great way to build regular followers.
From the beginning of the pre-production process you’ll have great ammunition for ongoing and interesting text posts describing the production concept stage, scripting, graphic creations, production shoots and first edits.
This “behind the scene” information sharing is perfect for building trust with followers and is what platforms like facebook and Twitter are all about.

What else can a video production deliver on?
Another important element of a facebook page is photos and images.
On the day of the shoot it’s a smart idea to have someone taking photos, those production photos can be uploaded to support the text posts and add colour, interest and structure to your page. We’ll even supply you with original sketch images of your logo animation, providing we are creating one for you.
See our previous post blog for further information on logo animations here.

On completion RCM will provide you with the video file ready for uploading.
We recommend uploading the video to your website and on video sharing sites such as You Tube and Vimeo, and of course your facebook page. You can now link the video from your video sharing sites to your Twitter page.
To engage followers using social media, video content is king!
Video content delivers so much more than key information to your core audience; it gives you the ability to add to your company personality, branding and image.

If we look at a case study using MST Lawyers, RCM created multiple videos each focusing on a single topic of business law e.g. “Trading Names”, “Franchising” and “Leasing”. By showing these videos on their social media pages MST are standing up as the approachable professionals with the right knowledge. The videos were created in bulk over one shoot day and are drip feed to their social media pages giving followers a reason to return. With each return a trust in their brand and knowledge grows. With this trust comes familiarization, familiarization in the logo, colour branding and the all-important human face element.

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  1. This is a great idea. I think creating social media videos are very ideal and such an impressive idea. Good job!

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