Web Videos for Business

Web Videos for Business

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Ask yourself how long it’s been since you’ve used the Yellow pages to look up a product or service?

Now ask yourself how long it’s been since you’ve searched for a product or service online?
Websites are key to business success but so many are overcrowded with text that they become confusing and insensible.
If your website fits this description you are losing clients to your competitors.

When a potential client visits a website packed with text they get confused, they don’t know where to start looking, what you offer or what you specialise in, and your information gets lost…but even worse, you look unprofessional, and what does that say about your business?

How do you think that reflects on your brand and image?

When visitors find websites like this, they leave immediately and continue to look for a site with clarity and a brand they think they can understand and trust.

If a website has a home page or landing page videos, the visitor can be shown exactly what you offer, who you are, your point of difference and other vital information about your product or service. It connects the viewer to your brand instantly and delivers those key messages to your core audience.


Don’t let visitors search for information, give it to them!

Show how great your service or products are through quality, engaging video…but only give them a taste.
A business web video should be 1 to 3 minutes in duration. It should give the viewer incentive to dig deeper but more importantly make initial contact…because people buy from people, not websites or videos.

Getting your potential client to contact you is vital to making that potential client into an actual client.
If you have a lengthy video, chances are it won’t be viewed to the end and vital messages may not be seen, such as the all-important ‘call to action’ where you tell them to call or email and where they can do so.

A business video should leave the viewer hungry for more information so they make the initial call or send an email.

An example web video

Let’s take a look at a home page web video created for Metlam and their antimicrobial product range.

The video runs 2 minutes 10 seconds and was created to showcase a new innovative upgrade.
The short, to the point and quality video delivers on many things that go beyond the given message and it builds on the brands image via high-end production values.

Web Video Example for Metlam from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

Quality counts!

If you are or want to be seen as a large professional business then be large and professional in all you do and all you show, this is branding 101.

If you opt for a cheap video that is low in quality it will reflect directly on your business.
It says that your product or service is not deserving of anything better, it says the brand is cheap and it doesn’t understand the importance of quality. It would be like a 5 star restaurant serving its meals on plastic plates!

Be proud of your brand, be proud of your business and be proud of your video content, it’s the difference between success and failure.

For information on different types of web videos and where to use them, as well as further video samples, visit our Promotional Web Video page here or feel free to contact us to chat, brainstorm or get a quote for your next website video on Melbourne 03 9500 053 or email sales@rockmanscreativemedia.com.au or simply contact us today by clicking the Get In touch Button to get started.

Till next time, that’s a wrap!

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