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Landing Page Videos :The Most Powerful Video you can put on each of your webpages.

Today we’re covering landing page videos.

These videos convert more than any other you can place on a website and that’s simply because they are tailor made to the viewer and to the page. Landing page videos deliver really specific messages on specific pages, for specific audiences.

Let’s look at 2 examples; both are Homepage Landing videos and are only relevant to those specific pages as they both contain directions for the viewer that are relevant to those pages.

The first example is for Complete Sports Care and their Tendinopathy website. As you can see this video is specifically designed for their homepage and welcomes visitors to the site, informs them on what they can find there and then directs viewers to visit to “links above”.


Complete Sports Care: Tendinopathy



The second example of a Landing page video is for Murnong Farming Inverleigh. This video was created specifically for their homepage and gives a brief overview of what they do, then directs the viewer to learn more by “clicking the resource tab at the top of the page”.

Murnong Farming

Side note: Alternative endings give great value for money and RCM recorded a second ending for this video that gave the URL address instead of page specific instructions, as such the video can be used anywhere on the internet (video sharing sites and social media pages).   

So you can now see that Landing page videos give very precise messages that will only work on the page they are designed for…

  • click the resource tab at the top of this page
  • fill in the form below for more information
  • click the button to the left to get you started

You get the idea…  Simple instructions that provoke engagement and a personalized experience.

Now not every page on a website should have a landing page video, for example the contact us page, if visitors are on this page your site has done its job and the end game is reached any more contact here would merely be a distraction.

At RCM we use landing page videos on four of our main video category pages. To see how we do it check out the pages below via the red box links.


We hope this gives you a really good idea of what a Landing page video is and of course if you need further advice or want to discuss Landing page videos for your website go to our contact page or give us a buzz on Melbourne 03 9500 0053.

Till next time….that a wrap!

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