Video Production Guide for Clients:

A Guide to Everything You Need to Know to Get the Most From Your Video Marketing

Video Production for ClientsHi and welcome to the video production guide that was created especially for those that are on the client side of the video production equation.
In other words if you are looking to get a video made for you or your company then this info has been written specifically for you!
We understand that one of the secrets to good service and good marketing is to listen to your clients – and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing…
…We’ve been servicing Melbourne Companies and Corporations for just short of 20 years and we talk to our clients all the time – we understand what it’s like to be in your shoes.
We understand that often there’s quite a lot riding on knowing which corporate video production company to choose, and that the whole process can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time getting a video created, not to mention all the Lingo that get’s thrown around – I mean seriously what the heck is a Jimmy Jib any way?

So we’ve taken all the questions and suggestions from our readers and clients and created a comprehensive guide to almost everything you need to know about the video production process from YOUR stand point.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to go with us or another Video Production company – heck you could be reading this in Alaska – which might make the commute from Melbourne Australia a little difficult!
Our goal is simple – be the Video Production firm that our clients want, and provide them / YOU with the answers that you need!
So if you think we’re missing something get in touch and let us know –we’ll try to add it and get back to you personally with the answer.

What You’ll Get From This Video Production Guide.

In this comprehensive 10 + part easy to digest and understand guide, you’ll learn how to pick the right Video Production company, and make sure that your next video production comes in on time, on budget and to brief.
You’ll understand:
What to demand from your corporate Video Production agency, what’s a fair price to expect for a decent professional video production, what you can do to make sure that you get the best product possible, and how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes and pitfalls that happen to unsuspecting clients everyday.

You’ll learn about the various stages of production and how they all link together, the key pieces of equipment that can make your next production look a million bucks and how to use graphic elements to add authority, value and familiarity to your brand.

You’ll also learn about some of the best ways to leverage your videos to get maximum exposure, why web videos are so amazingly powerful and what each situation calls for what specific type of video and why.

Oh yeah, and along the way we’ll explain why we think you’re in the best hands when you use us.. (we think that’s a fair deal).

Down below on the rest of this page you’ll find a Table Of Contents with quick links just in case you want to jump straight to the page that covers questions you might have, and below that you’ll find a quick intro and summary of what each Part of the Guide is all about.

And of course if you get value from them, please help get the word out by sharing them on Social Media!

Part 1: The Power of Video on the Web

Videos for Clients Part OneThere’s a very good chance that you’ve heard the buzz – content is king on the internet and when it comes to content – Video rules above them all!
But why? We break down the latest statistics so you can see that it’s not just Hype – Web video really is not only the future – it’s the best business choice available on the internet right now.
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Click here to discover why Web Video is the best internet investment you can make now.

Part 2: Choosing the Right Video Production Type for Your Business

Videos for Clients Part TwoYou’ve heard the buzz words: Event Video, Promotional Video, Corporate Video, Real estate Video, and Web Video… what do they all mean and when should you use them for your business?

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Click here to discover what the best Video’s are for your business – and why we haven’t mentioned VIRAL VIDEO!

Part 3: How Much Does a Professional Video Production Cost,
How Do I Avoid Blown Out Budgets or Getting Ripped Off?

Videos for Clients Part ThreeI don’t know about you but I wince every time I hear the phrase;
“It’s a case of how long is a piece of string…”
Yes the cost does depend on the complexity and scope of the production,
But that’s what quotes are for. A Good production company will get as much information from you that is needed to provide you with an accurate quote.
But how do you know if you are being ripped off?
What are the warning signs?
Did you know that you can be ripped off by paying too little?

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Click here to discover the best ways to know if you are paying the right amount for your production, what RCM charge and why we have removed all the financial risk from your next video production.

Part 4: The Video Production Process – How Professional Video’s are Created

Videos for Clients Part FourEach film / TV or video production is broken up into three sequential stages:

4a: Pre-Production (Getting All Your Ducks in a Row)

Pre planning helps to make sure that that the shoot goes smoothly on the day.
You’ll be amazed out the kind of things a good production company has to anticipate and think about before the shoot even begins!
Get to know the warning signs that may be telling you that your shoot could turn into a nightmare.

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4b: Production: Light’s Camera Action!

This is where the magic of television happens! Except there’s nothing magic about it – it’s just a tightly run plan that consists of the perfect recipe of great script, hi-end equipment, great talent – co-operation and co-ordination.
Sure it’s creative, and fun – but good oraganisation keeps everything on budget and to brief.

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4c: Post-Production:

This is where we put everything from the shoot together with all the elements that add to the performance’s and makes your message shine.
Cutting your footage to match your message, choosing the right music, creating the most appropriate graphics and having the perfect voice over, isn’t about luck – it comes down to equal parts talent and plenty of experience.

Getting each stage right is key to a great finished video package.
In fact, you get given an amateur product, more than 80% of the time, it’s because the video production company has fallen down in one of these key areas,
and there are certain single factors to the production process that if you get wrong can ruin the entire production!

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Part 5: What to Demand From Your Video Production Company

Videos for Clients Part FiveSo what happens once you have picked a production company that you think you can trust and best aligns with your brand?
What should you expect from a professional corporate video production company?
Is dealing with large creative egos with poor time management skills just something you have to put up with?
Or should you expect to get down to earth guidance and advice from experienced professionals, that deliver high end results at a great value for money who deliver quickly and efficiently?

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Click here to find out what should demand from your next Production Company.

Part 6: How Long Does a Video Production Take?

Videos for Clients Part SixYou’ve probably heard the horror stories of video projects taking forever to get completed – coming in way over time and over budget – hopefully it hasn’t happened to you!
So how long can you expect the production process to take?
What’s a reasonable assumption to expect?

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Click here to discover the measures you can take to help ensure that your next production is delivered on time.


[Shameless Plug]
At RCM we go beyond reasonable – Depending on the complexity, RCM can deliver any type of video fast – within 2-6 days, and that’s without sacrificing on quality – the reason why we can do these amazingly quick turn arounds’, is because of our broadcast TV experience – in TV time is money and you damn well better deliver a good product as well!

Click here to discover industry leading times you can expect delivery on for the various production services we offer, and how we deliver your product to you.

Part 7: How to Leverage Your Completed Videos.
(& Avoid the Big Mistake That 90% Of Companies are Currently Making.)

Videos for Clients Part SevenYou’ve got your video’s, you love your videos , but what’s the most effective way to leverage them?

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Click here learn the best current ways to make sure that your videos get the exposure that they need.

Part 8: Common Mistakes and Pitfalls Unsuspecting Companies Make Getting a Video Production Created.

Videos for Clients Part EightWhen you are around as longs as RCM have been you get to hear ALL the horror stories when it comes to choosing the wrong people to make your video.
And you start to notice those problem’s that come up again and again.

Take me to Part 8!

Click here to learn what to avoid and the danger signs when picking your next Video Production company.

Part 9: How to Make Sure That Your Next Video Production
is Created Stress & Risk Free…
…And an Elephant

Videos for Clients Part NineHere at RCM we understand that choosing a video production company here in Melbourne can be a daunting task.
And let’s be honest it’s an important decision to make.
How do you know who to trust?
Especially if you’ve been burnt before by backyard boys who offered you the world and didn’t deliver or worse yet “a production company” made up of a bunch of kids barely out of highschool who was given a digital SLR for Christmas and now call themselves Video producers”
Whoever you choose has a lot of responsibility,
They have to make sure that your project is completed, on time and on budget.
They have to be custodians of your brand, keeping it’s value intact and if they do their job correctly even add more value to it.
They have to be able to interpret your ideas and turn them into something that shines.
They have to communicate with you clearly and efficientl,y so you know what to expect and the only surprise you get at the end is exceeded expectations.

They should also have the experience to avoid costly mistakes, while guiding your thoughts toward a product that doesn’t just look good but is effective and get results.
We get it – we understand – after all we’ve been doing this for a long, long time.

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Click here to discover how you can get your next Video Production created without any financial risk at all.

Part 10: Further Learning: Video Production Tips, Hints & Info.

Videos for Clients Part TenSo we covered a whole lot about video production, but believe it or not there is a lot more to discover! We created our video production tips and hints category to give you insight to all sorts of video productions descriptions, tips and specialty equipment that you should insist on depending on your next production needs.
It doesn’t matter if you go with RCM or not – we’ll make you seem like an expert in the shortest time possible.

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Click here to find out free tips and hints that will help make your next production shine!

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