How to Make a Promotional Video

How to Make a Promotional Video Brief to Get Quotes & How Much They Cost.

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In this post we’ll show you how to make a promotional video brief so you can obtain quotes. We’ll also show you three example video briefs, the quotes and outcomes from them.

A lot of businesses call or email us and ask how much is corporate video? Without a brief of what they require it’s an impossible to question to answer, it would be like calling a car dealership and asking how much is a car? But with just a few decisions made on your part, the client, most video production companies can give you a close estimate from a simple brief.

8 Steps to Creating a Promotional Video Brief

1. The duration estimate. This will let the production company know how long the video might take to shoot and how long it may take to edit. A good duration for a promotional or corporate video is 3 minutes. If the video is solely for social media think under 60 seconds. Duration depends on where your audience will be viewing your video and how long they can be engaged for. Sales videos, Presentation videos and some web videos can run longer, it all depends on how much information you need to get across. But remember, most promotional videos are used to make the viewer hungry for more information and geared towards them making direct contact with you.

2. What your video be created from. Will your video be an animation? Will you need to use Actors? Will it be interview based, narrated by a voice over, presented by a host or a combination? Animations will range in price so it’s a good idea to know the style of what you want. Actors, depending on their Agent will also vary in price. Using staff and management interviews comes at no cost and so would supplying a front person such as the MD or CEO to present your video. With Voice overs there will be costs for the Voice Artist, the record studio and the Director.


Setting up the tele prompter for presenter

3. Production shoot day estimates. Most corporate video companies will offer half day (4 hour) and full day production shoots. The production shoot may be the most expensive single cost, so needs to be established.

4. Graphic Elements. This includes things like logo animations, animating charts, diagrams or graphs or a themed graphic that runs across your entire video.

5. Stock Footage & Photos. The use of stock footage and or stock photos can really lift a videos production value. You may only have an estimate of many you’ll need, but that will help the production company give you a price e.g. if you think you may require five stock footage clips, the video company can quote you a price to source and licence the 5 clips, say $500…if you need more you’ll know it’s an additional $100 per clip.

6. MusicMusic libraries have vast amounts of amazing tracks that production companies can source and licence for you but you may want an original track composed, let them know. We recommend using more than 1 music track per video, this allows for a change in subject and change in emotion. It also keeps the viewer engaged.

7. Sundries. Every video production is unique and each have different requirements. Some have extra tasks for the production company to include in their quote and you’ll need to include those in your brief. Things such as location scouting, location hire, props, hair and make-up artist or extended travel.

8. Output requirements. At Rockmans Creative Media we supply final videos as HD 1920 x 1080 and SD 640 x 360 MP4 files. MP4 is all you’ll need for web purposes but you may need QuickTime, Windows Media Vision or even DVD copies for specific purposes.

With the above list you can create a solid brief of the video you want and in turn, the corporate video company will be able to quote you on the project.


MD presenting to camera

The Brief, The Quote Price & The Result

Let’s look at three examples of a brief, the quote and the completed video. Starting with a basic production and then more complex productions.

Example One. Client Video Brief to Get Quotes

We need a promotional video to show our training facility, services and trainers. We also want student testimonials included.

The video duration will be approximately 2min 30sec.

We want interviews with management, Teachers and students. No actors or voice overs needed.

We will need a full day production shoot to capture 8 interviews and lots of vision.

We will supply all the people to interviewed, extras for backgrounds and props.

No graphics needed.

Two music tracks should be used in the video.

We will need files suitable for the web.

Example of a Corporate Video Company Quote from Brief


Shoot on location (full day) $1,800


AVID Edit – Import, base edit, grade & render $1,210

AVID Edit – Audio mixing $110 


File creations $80

Music licenses $250

Total $3,450

The Corporate Video Result

Corporate Web Video Sample by Rockmans Creative Media for TIV.

Example Two. Client Video Brief to Get Quotes

Video will be promoting and explaining our new terminal for pubs, bars and clubs. The terminal allows our clients to sell prepaid mobile, internet and other products to their customers.

The video duration will be approximately 1min 45sec.

We will supply a rough script and need you to complete and finesse it.

A male actor will need to be cast and hired to host the video.

We will need a half day production shoot in a location that we will supply.

We require you to capture video of our website to inset.

We will need 5 stock footage clips and a single music track.

We will supply extras and props.

We will need files suitable for the web.

Example of a Corporate Video Company Quote from Brief


Final scripting to clients rough script $180

Actor/Presenter casting and hire $1,500

Website screen capture and insert graphic $80

Stock photo sourcing and licenses $150


Shoot on location (half day) $1,330


AVID Edit – Import, base edit, grade & render $880

AVID Edit – Audio mixing $110 


File creations $80

Music license $150

Total $4,460 

The Corporate Video Result

Web Video Example by Rockmans Creative Media for Pub Payments.


Example Three. Client video Brief to Get Quotes

We need a sales video to explain and promote our Channel Manager Program features.

The video duration will be approximately 3 minutes.

We will supply the script and our head of sales to be the host/presenter.

There will be a voice over component needed.

There will be a full day production shoot.

We require two short and simplistic graphic sections and will call you to discuss.

We will need 7 stock footage clips and a music track.

We want you to find a café location to shoot our presenter pieces to camera in and in that location will need a model/extra.

We will need files suitable for the web.

Example of a Corporate Video Company Quote from Brief


Location scouting $240

Voice over Artist, Record studio & Director $760

Shutterstock library footage x 7 $800

Props (maps and magazines) $50

Café hire and Model/extra $600

Graphic sections $550


Production Shoot $1,800


AVID Edit – Base edit, grade, titles $1,540

AVID Edit – Audio mixing $220


File creations $160

Music licenses $150

Total $6,870

Corporate Video Result

Web Video Sample by Rockmans Creative Media for RMS Hospitality.


If you’re looking for a detailed creative concept brief creator we have one within our clients’ guide that you see or download here

If you need more information we suggest meeting with corporate video production companies to discuss your specific requirements.

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