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Corporate Video Production; the Process

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Your competitors are using them, your SEO guy says “you need them” and the Marketing department are calling for them.

You know you need to get videos made…for your website, for YouTube, for that next big launch.

Deciding you need video is easy, what’s next is…
…well, ah, that’s harder to work out, and if you haven’t done one before it seems impossible.

That’s where this video comes in, it covers the corporate video production process from start to finish and will give you a solid understanding of what you should expect from the production company as well as what you’ll need to provide to them.

The video covers the brief you’ll need to give your corporate video production company in order for them to give you a quote and within the video is a link to our downloadable word document which will guide you in making your creative video brief.

We also cover the all important factors of communication, production schedules and deliverables, and what to expect from the 3 stages of video production, being Post-Production, Production and Pre-Production and throughout the video we’ve added plenty Hot Tips.

After viewing the video you should have the confidence and knowhow to empower yourself throughout the video production process. Knowledge is king and having foresight of the processes you can make sure you get the best results possible.

As mentioned the video contains a link to a brief creator which you can simply fill out. This is for a creative video and will be much larger and detailed compared with most briefs. In many cases you, the client knows roughly what is needed and in order to get quotes from production companies the following is an example of what you’ll need to give them…

Video type:
Documentary style with interviews and vision. We’ll need help with coming up with questions.

Production shoot:
Shoot will take place over 8 hours at our HQ. Interviewing 5 staff members and capture vision of the factory floor, staff working and product range.

Video should be no more than 3 minutes.

We’d like our logo animated and graphic list pages and a ‘call to action’ page.

Please use licensed music throughout video.

DVD’s and MP4 files needed.

Giving this information to production companies will give them a solid idea of what’s required and how much they should quote.

As a price reference, we’d quote this video at approx. $5,500
Here’s an example of a video that fits the same description.

Oxford Aviation Video

Oxford Aviation

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