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Unleash the Power of Video for Fundraising

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Unleash the Power of Video for Fundraising

Okay, here’s scenario one: I come to you as a fundraiser seeking money. I tell you about this lovely fundraising campaign raising money for kids with disabilities and special needs. You might be moved enough to say “That sounds like a nice project.” You might even donate a small amount to the project, but that’s all you see it as; a project. There’s no connection on any human or personal level.

Here’s scenario two: I play you the below video.

Villa Maria Catholic Homes Fundraising Video by Rockmans Creative Media from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

After viewing the video you’re taken to a completely different place; a place full of real people with real needs and emotions. You see great people showing genuine love and empathy and revealing in what they’re doing: making a difference to a life, and family. And now you really are moved. It’s not just a project anymore; it’s personal and heartfelt. Now you have a much deeper, tangible and compelling reason to donate. Even that word ‘donate’ might seem too sterile now. You’re helping!


Aren’t photos just as good?

Photos do add to words, no question of that. But they’re still static representations of something very much alive and fluid. No photo can capture the true essence of life like video. It becomes real enough to touch and motivate. Watch a disability care worker talk passionately about the joy they’re bringing. Watch a mum talk about a special needs son with tears of relief for the support she’s now getting. You can see, hear and feel their enthusiasm. Now imagine a still shot of that same disability worker or mum with quoted text under it. Which is going to move people more to contribute? Which is going to get the largest donations?


Embrace the heartfelt power of video fundraisers

A great writer can create a nice word picture to draw potential donors into the spirit of your fundraiser. But it’s still only words. Donors can’t see and feel the joy in kids faces. They can’t see the satisfaction in the eyes of carers and support staff and listen to real, from-the-heart reactions to what’s happening and what still needs to happen. They can’t hear the laughter and screams of delight. And, most of all, they don’t get the same sense of urgency moving pictures and real live situations create.

That’s the power of video fundraisers.

Below is a second fundraising video example, this video will be a central element of the Teach & Tumble fundraising campaign. It will be used on the VMCH website and at a fundraising dinner. The aim is to evoke emotion and educate potential donors about the special needs of the young children (0-8) who access ECIS and how new play equipment, toys and technology can enhance their development and wellbeing.

ECIS Fundraising Video from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

Produce your video professionally

With any charity, the temptation is always there to produce material in-house. That’s fine for some print components perhaps, but not video. You want your messages to be clear and professional, and there’s nothing more distracting than a wobbly camera, badly composed background or poor picture quality. A well-constructed, professionally directed fundraising video instills confidence in your cause. A well-constructed video tells your story in a clear, succinct and dynamic way, and a well-constructed video gives confidence that your brand is trustworthy and dependable.


Do some video comparisons

Have a look at some fundraising videos on sites such as My Cause and GoFundMe and think about them in relation to your own charity or not-for-profit fundraiser. What works best? What approach moves you the most? What techniques could you employ for your own video fundraiser?

Play it again, Sam

Once you’ve produced your video, you need to ensure it gets the exposure it deserves. For a start, you can add it to your website home page and link this to posts in related forums and on social networks. Post the video in its entirety on Facebook as often as you like with links to your website or a dedicated Facebook fundraising page. Add a link to emails and send it to your donor database. Play it at fundraising events, twice!



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