Video Production Equipment Descriptions (In Under 30 secs)

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G’day and Welcome to RCM’s Video Production Description Videos in Under 30 Seconds.

Let me ask you something.. have you ever heard an interview with a Film Director talking about how they shot their movie and thought what the heck is talking about?
Or worse have you been in charge of organising a video for your company and the video producer was going on about a bunch of stuff that to tell you the  truth frankly sounded made up?
I mean c’mon – do we really use a thing called a Jimmy Jib?

Yep we do – And we want to make sure that you understand all the jargon and fancy pieces of equipment quickly and easily.

We know your busy – so we’ve created bite sized video snacks with a little bit of info in each – watch them all and you’ll be an expert in no time!

And for you speed readers, we’ve included a text summary to feast your eyes instead!

This page aims to give you quick and accurate descriptions on some of the production equipment we use when creating our videos.
Of course, being only 30 seconds long, brevity is the key, but if you want to delve deeper we have detailed video blogs on Green Screens and  Camera Cranes, Dolly & Tracks and 35mm Lenses.


What are Dolly and tracks?


Dolly and tracks allow for smooth camera movement which can enhance the production values of any video, creating engaging and interesting shots through movement. The tracks are parallel poles that sit on the ground and the dolly holds the camera and slides along the tracks giving smooth flowing shots.


What are 35mm lenses?


When added to video camera’s 35mm lenses create a shallow depth of field. This simply means that the main subject of the shot will be in focus while the background will be out of focus. This gives a more cinematic feel over standard lenses and creates beautiful images that are both soft and sharp.


What are POV cameras?


The term POV camera stands for Point of View; these very small cameras can be mounted almost anywhere and puts the viewer right in the action giving the point of view from the person or subject on screen. POV cameras are used mainly in sport but are also a great asset for capturing visuals in locations where large scale cameras and operators can’t fit.

What are Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes?


A Camera crane uses an arm supporting a camera at one end and a counterweight at the other. This allows for amazing sweeping visuals. The crane itself can swing from the ground to the cranes maximum reach, they can swing 360 degrees and the camera attached to the crane can pan, tilt and zoom offering unlimited angles.


What are Green Screens?


A production Green Screen is a wall or screen that is painted green, a person or product can be placed in front of the screen and then recorded. In a post-production edit suite, we can then replace all the green in shot with anything…a live shot, an image, photo, graphic animation…anything! It’s called Keying Out and Keying In


 What Else Would You Like to Find Out About?

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