PRO BONO Fund Raising Videos

Pro Bono Fund Raising Videos

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RCM video production supports many worthy organisations and we do it in a way that benefits both parties.
There are many commendable organisations that are in need of help and a fund raising video that promotes awareness is a great way to do just that, help.
So RCM offer 50% of the quoted price to be donated back to the organisation, we also quote our lowest possible prices. This, as mentioned benefits both parties. The organisation gets a powerful and emotional video that can be used to pitch for grants, on websites and at fund raising events.
RCM benefits by empowering our junior producers with these projects; that being said the videos are defiantly not compromised in quality as RCM MD and Director Josh Rockman personally attends the production shoots and oversees each edit in its entirety.
You can see the quality work we do in the two samples on this page.


The first (above) is for a Not-for-profit Respite House owned by Catholic Homes. They want to begin offering overnight accommodation to their clients (most have Dementia). Their carer’s are typically sons or daughters and are on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so to have a home where their parents are safe offers these carer’s the much needed time off to replenish their own lives in order to continue looking after their loved ones.
The video RCM created raised funds at an event Catholic Homes held and brought in a lot more than the cost of the videos creation. That video now lives on and is used on their website and at other fund raising events.


The second video sample on this page is for Tasty Az; a catering company that employs young people with special needs. This video was specifically created to pitch for a Westpac grant (the pitch is still in progress as of Oct 28 2013). RCM created a second video from the shoot vision that is more suitable for use on their website, that video is more of a promotional video that explains what Tasty Az is about and what they offer.

Working with organisations like these is an honor, the people we meet and help is truly heart-warming.
We will certainly continue working with organisations in this way and are happy to hear from any that can use our assistance.

Contact us on Melbourne 9500 0053, we’re more than happy to brainstorm ideas and concepts.

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