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Welcome to our sample page.

Here you can browse our Corporate video samples from many categories such as web, training, event, social media and more.

But please note this is by no means all the video examples we have of our work. We believe the best proof is in the pudding so we’ve put all sorts of corporate video samples throughout our all our pages- in fact at last count we had over 90! – so if you’re looking for anything particular or already like what you see and want to talk about your next video production just call the number at the top of this page or use contact form at the bottom, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Our Latest Video Productions

It is said that you’re only as good as last job, so at RCM we’ve decided to head this example page with 2 of our latest video productions. These videos feature content created with state-of-the-art production equipment and techniques that showcase our most recent work to you.

MegaFlo How-to Video

Renhurst Ceilings Corporate Video

Social Media Video

LEVIMATE Social Media Video

Pasha Legal Branding Video

Social Media Marketing – Short, Shareable, Engaging!

We all know the benefits of using social media to increase a business brand and grow sales. But not every business takes advantage of social media marketing videos. This type of content is highly effective when it comes to increasing success on social media channels.

Web Video

Sunshine Creek Web Video

Paul Bangay Web Video

Web Video – the Video Swiss Army Knife!

If your business, company or organisation has a website, then it needs video.
Web videos can be used on your home page or specific pages on your website.
They can be spread throughout the internet on video sharing sites such as You Tube and Vimeo etc, but also on social media sites such as  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Web videos are the best way to communicate to your audience in an engaging way.
They deliver your key information with emotion…and that’s how to connect with your clients and customers!

More Web Videos

Presentation Video

Swinburne Graduation Video

AirCast Pitch Video

Presentations That Pack a Punch!

Used in conferences and person to person presentations these videos bring the outside world directly to your audience. They complement speeches, pitches and demonstrations and can be added to PowerPoint presentations as well as delivering messages and visuals that can’t be done at the venue.

More Presentation Videos

Promotional Video

RMS Overview Video

Makeovers In Melb Promotional Video

Promotional Video – Always Showing Your Best Side!

Video is a wonderful and powerful way to promote almost anything, especially your products and services.
A promotional video can include testimonials and demonstrations, as well as showcase your business, company or organisations features, point-of-difference, staff and premises.
As with web videos, promotional videos can be used on your home page and spread throughout the web.
They are also a must for Trade shows and Showrooms.

More Promotional Videos

Training Video

AED Authority Training Video

Downer Training Video

CNTRL-C, CNTRL-V, Your Best Trainer!

When it comes to training, video is king!
A training video delivers the right information each and every time.
They can be viewed multiple times at the trainees’ choice of time and location…but the best thing about training through video is the fact that once created, they keep on delivering the required techniques and information with no further costs.

Many businesses, companies and organisations use staff to travel large distances to deliver training methods, but what if that person has a ‘bad day’?
What if the techniques and information aren’t delivered with consistency?
Video solves that and best of all takes up a fraction of your training budget.

More Training Videos

Testimonials & Case Studies

Hawker Richardson Case Study Video


Premier Technologies Testiminoal Video

The Power of Video Testimonials

Testimonial for business are good but do it in video and the results get much better!
Trust in the words of those with nothing to gain from saying good things about your business, products or service.
Their words are worth gold in the grand scheme of marketing.
Videos are now the cream of the testimonial crop with savvy marketers leaping at the chance to take advantage of their loyalty-building power…read more in our testimonial video blog post here

Event Video

Sydney Swans’ Event Video

Toyota Dealer Meet Event Video

Capture The Value and Use It Again & Again

So you’ve planned for months and you’re spending a fortune on your special event, but what happens when it’s all over
Where’s the lasting benefit?…and what about the important people that couldn’t attend?
Well next time you’re planning your big business event, you might want to include a camera crew to capture the events proceedings.
Once captured a highlight video (also known as a sizzle reel) can be edited.
If required the entire event can be packaged in video form.

Video is a great way to visually document the event and be can used internally and externally to promote, explain, train and remember the information and demonstrations shown.

More Event Videos

Viral Video

Where are Your Viral Videos??

You may be  thinking where’s the viral video category?
Well here’s a word of warning: if a video production company promises to create a “viral Video” for you – BE VERY SUSPICIOUS!!! – it’s like promising to record a number 1 music single –  especially if the producers have no track record of creating them in the past.

If you want your web video to “go viral” there are tried and true strategies that can maximize both the chances of evoking the response to get your video shared by many different people, and make it as easy as possible for people on social media to share your video – but the truth is while these strategies guarantee the best exposure for your brand or product, based on price – they will never guarantee a viral hit.

If you are interested in finding out more about how RCM can help with your Video marketing give us a call or drop us an email.

A Few Of Our Clients…

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