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Creating an Effective Marketing Video: Professional Secrets Revealed.

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At RCM we understand the term “marketing” well.
MD Josh Rockman spent close to 2 decades producing for various TV stations including Channel 7, The Comedy Channel, Main Event and Nickelodeon. During this time Josh learnt many techniques to hold viewers’ attention and create interest.

This Marketing video example has been specifically designed to hold the viewers’ attention by using various video Marketing techniques.

Click the Video above to see an example of  an effective marketing video.

Getting the Viewer to Stay Until the End.

Let’s start with the best technique to keep a viewer watching to very end, which is vital as that’s where the all-important ‘Call to Action’ is.

A Marketing video should give the viewer a reason to keep watching, so RCM used the clients’ promotion of an iPad Mini giveaway to achieve this.

The video is hosted on YouTube and in the title and description sections it mentions the “Free iPad Mini Giveaway with Details Revealed at the End of this Video”.

A chance at a free iPad Mini is a great reason for a viewer to stick around…it’s simple but very effective.

Pacing & Content is Critical.

The other techniques used were to create many ‘segments’ within the video to keep the pace fast and engaging as the clients target market is 25-35 year old Males and Females.
For this reason we also used multiple music tracks.

The Single Minded Proposition.

Now with any Marketing video is important to keep it to a single sell and not bombard the viewer with multiple messages.

Here’s a great analogy – If I was to throw you a bunch of tennis balls all at the same time, how many do you think you would catch? Probably none.
But if I had a single basketball and threw it you, I’d be very confident that you could catch it easily first time, every time.

One solid message is what a good Marketing video should contain.

Keep it Short & Sweet.

We also designed the video to be short in duration and engaging to the demographic via the vision used and graphics we created.

Powerful Marketing Video are Also Cost Effective

The video is a very effective Marketing tool that was under $2,500 in total to create!
The ROI was almost instant for our client!

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  1. That is a wonderful video clip just what my business needs.
    I will be in touch Josh to make a time to set a meeting, you come highly recommended.

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