Can Video Improve your Google Analytic Stats?

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Your website is one of your most important marketing tools; but how can you measure and improve its success? Google Analytics can provide you with the information you need to make your website work for you – and video can be the way to increase your website traffic and give your stats the boost they need. What is Google Analytics? …

Do Video Testimonials Work?

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Video testimonials are becoming increasingly popular. Of all the types of content marketing, over 50 percent of marketers now rate video testimonials as the most effective. So what is it about them that businesses love so much? Consumers don’t trust the word of businesses… In today’s tech-savvy world, we’re bombarded by advertising. But we also have a huge variety of …

What Are The Benefits of Social Media Videos for Business

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Should Your Business Be Using Social Media Videos? If you’re not yet using video as part of your social media marketing strategy, you’re being left behind. The statistics for its success speak for themselves – 87 percent of businesses who include video in their marketing strategies are using it on social media, with 78 percent of these finding it successful. …

Quality Rich Content for SEO and Authority

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Your content marketing strategy should have the ultimate aim of driving traffic to your website and encouraging sales. But this doesn’t mean it should be overtly promotional. These days search engines prioritise quality – content that offers value to the user, providing them with the knowledge they need to make informed purchase decisions. So how do you create video content …

How to Make a Promotional Video Brief to Get Quotes & How Much They Cost.

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In this post we’ll show you how to make a promotional video brief so you can obtain quotes. We’ll also show you three example video briefs, the quotes and outcomes from them. A lot of businesses call or email us and ask how much is corporate video? Without a brief of what they require it’s an impossible to question to …

Landing Page Videos blog

Landing Page Videos

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Press Play to Watch Our Vlog on Landing Page Videos Landing Page Videos :The Most Powerful Video you can put on each of your webpages. Today we’re covering landing page videos. These videos convert more than any other you can place on a website and that’s simply because they are tailor made to the viewer and to the page. Landing page videos …

Logo Animations Title screen

Logo Animations – A Brand Investment

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In this edition of RCM’s video production tips, hints and information, we’re looking at Logo animations.
You’ll discover why this is one of those features that you can add to your Video Marketing that is almost guaranteed to lift the perceived quality of your brand– to make it seem like a million bucks for a relatively small investment.