Quality Testimonial Videos for Business

High End Testimonial Videos for Business

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Unleash the power of high end testimonial videos

If I came to you and said “Pay me to create a marketing campaign for your business. I guarantee it will work,” would you believe me? Probably not, I’m a stranger, why should you believe me? If, on the other hand, I supported that statement with testimonials from customers already profiting from exactly the same offer, that would be a different story, right? Therein lays the power of independent praise.

Testimonials work. But don’t take our word for it

Trust in the words of those with nothing to gain from saying good things about your business, product or service. Their words are worth gold in the grand scheme of marketing. Think about any new website you’ve visited for the first time. You read a bit of their self-promoting blurb with a slightly raised eyebrow and look at a few products. Then you see the testimonials; short blocks of adulation with someone’s name under them. Suddenly you feel a lot better about this website.

A popular type of client testimonial videos are Case Study videos, these have a more indepth look at the product for review. They are honest and genuine customers that describe their needs and the solution given.

Testimonials silence skeptics

In the digital age where most consumers buy online, trust is much harder to find and doubts abound. After all, it is the Internet and not every online trader has our best interests at heart. Consumers therefore seek reassurance from those around them; other consumers who’ve already bought what they’re about to buy, or done what they’re about to do. Testimonials wash away the doubts and allow us to buy with confidence. The ‘review’ has become a must for me before watching movie so I always check out the testimonials and thoughts of others from Rotten Tomatoes before I commit to buy.

Great testimonials are benevolent praise

Yes, there is such a thing as a paid testimonial; celebrities give them every day on TV endorsing products they probably don’t even use. But as consumers we either don’t know this or we don’t care – we just want to do what George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston tells us to do. But the testimonials we can truly believe in are the one’s given by everyday customers and clients. Why do they give them? Usually because they’ve enjoyed a great working relationship and they jump at the chance to say something nice. These are the truly powerful testimonials; given by people expecting nothing in return. All you have to do is ask. Chances are, your most loyal clients will be delighted to do it.

High-end businesses video testimonials take trust to a whole new level

Rockmans Creative Media created three client testimonial videos for Premier Technologies, each featuring an opening vision montage, (which sets the scene of their clients business), then goes into the client testimonial.

RCM Director Josh Rockman at Audi Centre Melbourne

RCM Director Josh Rockman at Audi Centre Melbourne

Take a few minutes to watch this first example video testimonial. The video is created to deliver the testimonial but also enhance Premier Technologies image by high-end video. The video will be played at a conference event as well as their website and social media pages.

Now try to say that you’re not moved by the powerful sense of trust it builds. This isn’t an actor; it’s a real client talking about real business experiences in his own words. Are there any stronger marketing tools out there? Can a television campaign hope to generate anything like the consumer confidence this video manages to do so effortlessly? Videos are now the cream of the testimonial crop with savvy marketers leaping at the chance to take advantage of their loyalty-building power. But do be warned:

DIY business video testimonials can be a bit LOL

Even though a video testimonial requires no acting ability, there is a trick to them. There’s also a level of professionalism that needs to be adhered to. Watch this video to see what I mean.

Ask yourself: “If this video had been shot in someone’s office with a wobbling mobile phone, would it still be as powerful as it is? No, it’d be amateurish and the power of its message would be drastically diluted as a result. People want to believe; they want to trust, but they still expect a certain standard in everything we do and say. So, no cringe-worthy DIY videos that can damage your brand; put your testimonials in the hands of professionals. Rockmans Creative Media are specialists with decades of broadcast television experience, we are experts in creating high-end testimonial and review videos. To find out about our video production services contact us at sales@rockmanscreativemedia.com.au or call Melbourne 9500 0053. And of course you can read what our clients say about us here or discover everything you need to know to get the most from your video marketing from our free clients guide here.

RCM Camera Operator shooting at Audi Centre Melbourne

RCM Camera Operator shooting at Audi Centre Melbourne

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