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Josh Rockman

Josh Rockman – founder of Rockmans Creative Media – has 18 years television experience and is a multi award winning Producer/Director with 16 years experience in linear and non-linear editing.

Josh  started producing both television program segments and promotions (promos) in 1998 after gaining a broad range of skills in the television industry. He has produced and directed international talent across multiple demographics and has received one international and two Australian Promax Awards.

Josh  has a passion and flair for creating, combined with marketing, sales and design skills.


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  • Rockmans Creative Media brings a professional skill set and over 18 years ongoing television experience to your video project.
  • We understand that we are custodians of your brand.
  • Our videos are unique, and are tailor-made to meet your company objectives.
  • We know how to produce engaging, attention grabbing and interesting videos.
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