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Corporate Video Production with a Guarantee

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Melbourne Corporate Video Guarantee

Video is one of the most effective marketing tools for generating ROI and a positive perception of your brand. But if you want to use video to promote your products and services, your marketing videos must be of the highest quality — this is the only way you’ll stand out from the crowd and why finding corporate video production with a guarantee is a wise move.

However, with so many video production companies offering their services at knock-down rates and with technology now at the point where some businesses are attempting to make their own videos, why should you choose a highly experienced, professional video production company? The answer is simple: it’s the best way to protect your investment and the perception of your brand, as only a reputable company will offer a corporate video guarantee.

Here’s why quality video matters and what Rockmans Creative Media will guarantee you if you choose to partner with us.

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Why you need a professional video production company

In the last few years, video has exploded as a marketing tool for businesses across all industries. In 2020, 92% of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. This has grown from 78% in 2015, showing that the importance of video is only growing.  This means businesses that use video in their marketing have a serious advantage over those that don’t.

Video can be used in a number of ways when it comes to growing brand awareness and promoting your products and services. The most popular types of marketing videos include:

You need to find a production company capable of producing all these different types of videos in a way that reflects the ethos and culture of your brand.

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Of course, you may feel that you understand your brand better than anyone, so you might as well try to produce your own video content. However, this is not usually a good idea. Video quality matters more than you might think. Sixty-two per cent of people say that their perception of a brand is more negative if that brand has produced a poor-quality video. In other words, a bad video can actually harm your sales.

This does not mean that you should simply go with the first production company you find. You need to research carefully when choosing a video production company. How high is the quality of their previous products for other clients? Do they use graphics, music and voiceovers effectively? Does the brand message come across clearly? And what will happen if the finished video doesn’t meet the client’s expectations? Video production costs money, and your investment is only safe if you choose a production company that offers a guarantee.

Our Corporate Video Guarantee

At Rockmans Creative Media, we are extremely passionate about our work — and we’re proud of it, too. Our highly trained and experienced creative team have produced hundreds of marketing videos for satisfied clients, and we’re happy to show them to you.

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We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We take the time to get to know you, finding out all about your brand and how you want it to be perceived. We discuss video concepts with you and work with you until we come up with something everyone is happy with. We then get to work creating a video of the highest quality, paying close attention to every detail in order to present your brand in the best possible light.

You might feel that whichever video production company you choose, there will be an element of risk involved. We don’t want you to feel this way. We believe in our work so much that we offer a corporate video guarantee, ensuring you risk nothing when you choose us as your video production company.


  • If the videos we create for you don’t meet your expectations;
  • If we haven’t taken care of your brand;
  • If we have fallen short of what we promised;

We will not charge you a cent.

We stand by our work, and your investment is safe with us. However, if you do decide the video does not meet your requirements and you choose to use the guarantee, you will not then receive the video. That way, we’re all protected.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate video guarantee and what Rockmans Creative Media can do for you, please contact us. Our specialist team will be happy to help.

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