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Events are a key part of your marketing strategy. Whether it’s a glamorous product launch, an important conference, trade fair or any other opportunity for clients to meet you in person, you need to make the most of every event your business hosts. With event video production, you have the chance to use your event as a marketing opportunity long before and after the event itself. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Use event video to build a buzz around your event

One of the main reasons why you hold events is to showcase your business and the products or services it sells. Because of this, you need to make sure all the right people are in attendance so your company looks and feels like the ‘next big thing’. But how do you guarantee that the right guests will RSVP? You create a buzz around your event.

Event video production is ideal for this. A video filmed at an event makes an excellent promotional tool for your next event. If all your online followers can see people having a great time at a previous event, they’re going to want a piece of the action this time around.

The below event video for an empowerment coach shows the power of an event video production in showcasing your next event. This video makes the event look extremely glamorous and exciting. It features a slick introduction to the coach gearing up for the conference and clips of the coach’s speech, giving potential ticket purchasers a real flavour of what to expect. Sharing this type of event video on social media will create ‘social proof’, triggering people’s fear of missing out.

2. Use event videos to play at events

Video shouldn’t be confined to your social media marketing. In fact, event video production gives you the ideal opportunity to promote your business in all kinds of settings. For people attending your events, video gives them a convenient and memorable way to learn more about your organisation while attending the event and socialising in person. It’s ideal for getting across the messages you really want to convey to those who are at your event.

This graduation video for a Melbourne University demonstrates how this works. The video will be played at the graduation ceremony on big screens and is interspersed with footage of students and the campus, it also features messages from the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, congratulating the graduates and giving them motivation for their careers and future success. It not only provides a memorable message for students, but it also promotes the University to any guests who might be thinking of getting a degree in the future.

This strategy works for all kinds of businesses and organisations. Once audiences are at your event, they’re automatically more interested in everything you have to offer. You need to make the most of this interest, and a presentation event video production gives you the ideal way to reach your captive audience.

3. Event videos can reach those who couldn’t attend

No matter how much people want to be there, you’ll always find some guests who can’t attend in person. But why should they miss out on all the fun? You can use an event video production to capture all the highlights of your event so they can be watched back at a later date by anyone who couldn’t be there. This is especially important for keynote speeches, but it also applies to awards, presentations and even capturing the general ambience of your event.

Take a look at the below video taken at Edutech 2022 in Melbourne. It offers an explanation of what the tech is all about from its key people, but combines this with footage from the event, showing how much people enjoyed it and demonstrating how successful the event was. This will not only be useful for those who couldn’t be there in person, but it will also encourage more people to attend next time.

In addition, this type of video can be used for marketing all year round, helping your business to secure investment and attract customers.

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A professional video can really make your event last forever! The experienced team here at Rockmans Creative Media will be happy to help you create an effective video for or from your next event. Please contact us if you’d like more information.

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