How to Use Video Before During and After Events

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Event videos are an effective way to boost the value of your company’s live events. They have a wide variety of uses before, throughout and after events of all kinds, to increase audience engagement and even drive sales. Here’s how. Events are a powerful marketing technique Despite the rise of …

9 Essential Elements Of Corporate Videos

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Corporate video is the traditional term for any non-broadcast video production, so if it’s not on TV, it’s a corporate video. In this age of video, and the many breakdown categories, the term is now strongly associated with company overview videos. These videos describe a company, business or organisation in …

Do Video Testimonials Work?

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Video testimonials are becoming increasingly popular. Of all the types of content marketing, over 50 percent of marketers now rate video testimonials as the most effective. So what is it about them that businesses love so much? Consumers don’t trust the word of businesses… In today’s tech-savvy world, we’re bombarded …

What Are The Benefits of Social Media Videos for Business

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Should Your Business Be Using Social Media Videos? If you’re not yet using video as part of your social media marketing strategy, you’re being left behind. The statistics for its success speak for themselves – 87 percent of businesses who include video in their marketing strategies are using it on …

How to Make a Promotional Video Brief to Get Quotes & How Much They Cost.

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In this post we’ll show you how to make a promotional video brief so you can obtain quotes. We’ll also show you three example video briefs, the quotes and outcomes from them. A lot of businesses call or email us and ask how much is corporate video? Without a brief …


Web Videos for Business

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Ask yourself how long it’s been since you’ve used the Yellow pages to look up a product or service? When a potential client visits a website packed with text they get confused, they don’t know where to start looking, what you offer or what you specialise in, and your information …


Multilingual Video Production Melbourne

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Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Halla, Hallo! Rockmans Creative Media breaks down language barriers with multilingual corporate and promotional video productions. Be it Mandarin, German, French or even pygmy we have the resources, talent and experience to deliver your next corporate or promotional video in any language required…..

Animation Videos

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Animated Corporate Videos are a blessing for many business as they offer visuals that typically don’t exist or can’t be filmed, such as inside the human body or an engine, but let’s not stop there… …our first animated video example was originally planned for a video shoot but as we worked on the script we realised that it would cost…..

Training Videos for Melbourne

Training Videos Melbourne

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Simple or complex, training and educating needs to be done right and needs to be delivered with consistency and then repeated. The training also needs to be engaging so it holds attention and assures the information gets through. So when it came to educating preschool children and staff at childcare centres around Australia and…..