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10 Fantastic Australian Voice Over Artists

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Here is a list of 10 Fantastic Australian Voice Over Artists that Rockmans Creative Media use and recommend highly. Matching the best VO talent to a project is vital and when done well, it enhances the message, delivers authenticity and lifts the visuals to greater effect.

We have created a list (in no particular order) that fits most demographics and styles, but if you can’t find the perfect fit for your brands image, take a look through our favourite Voice Agents website Scout Management where you can also see rates and listen to demo reels. Other big Australian Voice Over Artsists can be found at RMK and EM Voices, both have many top class, experienced and talented voices.

Ian “Lofty” Fulton

If you’re looking for a big voice, a deep voice, then look no further than Lofty. Lofty is smooth gravel. Director Josh Rockman first met Lofty two decades ago when he cast him for all ongoing WWE promos on Main Event PPV. Lofty is perfect for the male demo but when given a slow read (as with the sample video below) his depth really comes out and instils an emotion of something imposing. When in the booth, Lofty always wants to “go again”, searching for the perfect read and best result for clients.

Amy Felman

Amy has a bright and happy personality and that’s how her voice comes across. Amy is perfect for the young or middle age female demos. She is perfect for big retail and can do a great Aussie read, which is rare for female voice artists. When given a slower read, Amy shows off nice depth and delivers empathy with quite inspiration…see the sample video below for that read.

Andrew Peters

Andrew has a beautiful international voice and accent. If your brand is global, conservative, traditional, sophisticated and educated then Andrew is your man. He is super reliable and fun to work with. Director Josh Rockman first started working with Andrew when he cast him as the Channel Seven Melbourne promo voice almost two decades ago. Josh found him to have great versatility that could pull of reads for drama programs as well as game shows…in fact Andrew was the original voice artist for Dancing with the Stars.

Mimi Kwa

Mimi is special talent. She is an amazing presenter, news reader and voice artist. Mimi has a voice that conveys warmth, kindness and empathy. She has perfect pronunciation and typically gets reads right on the first go. A read from Mimi is engaging, inspiring and trustworthy.

Ant Neate

Ant has been gifted with a beautiful voice. It is deep, smooth and trusting. Ant is best with slow calm reads…that’s when he conveys empathy and authenticity with ease. He is great for conservative brands and cuts through well with stylish high-end demos.

Teresa Lim

Teresa a solid professional, showing attention to detail and great experience. Teresa is a talented presenter and has a wonderful, clear cutting voice that is perfect for retail. Teresa connects well with young to middle aged female demos and is also the channel voice for Cartoon Network and Boomerang TV. As a bonus, Teresa speaks Mandarin.

Tim Solly

Tim has a genuine soulful voice with great depth. Tim pulls off the perfect relaxed read, great for delivering on sincerity, integrity and honour. Tim also has a great Aussie read that is great for videos that need a bit of man in em! Combine both those styles and you get a voice that is AFL, Ford pick-up trucks and Red Rooster.

Diana McLean

Diana is a stage and television actress with a beautiful voice. Diana is perfect for the over 50’s and Boomer demo. She has wonderful pronunciation and coveys trust, empathy and wisdom. Diana also has great British, American, European and International accents.

Troy Dean

Troy is the go-to Aussie voice with nice depth and wonderful inflection. Troy echoes the patriate in all Australians. His voice can be that of a larrikin (when directed that way) but in his natural state, he delivers a true blue, straight up, honest read that is trustworthy and familiar. Troy is always fun to work with and has great experience.

Emily Barrett

Emily has a beautiful soft voice that is very, very versatile. Emily has a range that fits all female demos from toddlers to Boomers and beyond. She can easily pull off British, American and European accents with ease. We love her slow n’ sexy reads, her patriotic Aussie reads and her flawless retail reads. If your not sure exactly what you want…you want Emily.

We hope this list of 10 fantastic Australian Voice Over Artists has been useful and inspiring. Recording a voice over is an important part of a video production process but it’s also one of the most fun. Teaming up with any of the above artists will be treat…tell em Josh says hi!

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