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5 Reasons Why Professional Testimonial Videos Deliver More

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This blog is going to be a little different from our usual monthly posts. This time, we aim to not only tell you but show you exactly why professional testimonial videos deliver more than amateur videos made on laptops or smartphones.

At Rockmans Creative Media, we post a monthly blog that includes production images, example videos and well-constructed copy. For the copywriting, we use professional copywriters from Get A Copywriter.

Not long ago, management at Get A Copywriter asked Rockmans Creative Media to give a testimonial over a Skype or Zoom recording. Being a highly respected Corporate video production company put us in an ideal position to go one better than this. MD Josh Rockman said, “How about we produce a professional Testimonial video for you?”

We went ahead and created a professional video for Get A Copywriter (which you can see below), using the graphics, music and high production values that our brand is associated with. On completing it, we realised how much better this was than producing a video using Zoom or Skype. We thought this gave us the perfect opportunity to make a direct comparison to help our audience see the value of a professionally-produced video, so we recreated the video using the same script, word-for-word, using only a laptop camera with no “professional polish.”

The version we made on the laptop is the second video shown below. This will demonstrate how, even with the exact spoken content, the professionally produced version delivers better on message and engages audiences far more effectively.



Here are the standout 5 reasons why professional testimonial videos deliver more than user-created ones

1. First impressions

In the professional video, the thumbnail is much more clickable. This creates the right impression from the get-go, as the thumbnail looks as if it belongs to a professional video. It draws the viewer in, letting them know that high-quality content will follow. A professional thumbnail is therefore much more enticing for a user to click.

2. It creates a better brand image

Professional, high-end production values convey that your services or products are worthy and valued enough to make professional content for it. The video and the information it contains are important, and the brand deserves to be represented well. It also suggests that your brand is successful enough to be paying for its video content to be produced professionally, making your audience take you more seriously.

3. It’s more watchable

In a professional video, every detail has been thought about and executed to the highest possible standards. For example, the video we produced for Get A Copywriter utilises music, graphics, high production quality and slick editing, all the while appearing effortless. The graphics enable us to highlight the company logo at the beginning and end of the video, making it far more memorable to the audience. The music creates a greater flow and makes the content more engaging. As you can see from the laptop-recorded video, the exact same script is far less interesting without these elements. Without the editing, the dialogue can sound stilted, and the picture quality looks amateurish. As a result, a professionally-produced testimonial video is far more likely to be watched until the end, giving you more opportunity to convey your brand message.

4. It creates more trust

Anyone can record a testimonial on their laptop or phone. It’s easy, quick and can be done without much thought or planning. However, this will come across in the finished video, as we have demonstrated here. As a result, your audience will not trust your brand to the same degree. A professionally-created testimonial video shows thought, planning, care and pride in your business. This will make audiences trust you more, bringing in new business as well as increasing brand loyalty among your existing customers. If you demonstrate that you care about your brand, your client base will care more about it, too.

5. It demonstrates that you value your customers

A testimonial video is not just a showcase for your business – it also showcases the customer or client who is delivering the testimonial. Taking the time and care to have a professional video produced demonstrates that you value the person who is delivering the testimonial. You not only want to show your own brand in the best possible light, but you also care enough about them to show them in their best light, too. This is a great way of thanking the client who has agreed to give the video testimonial, and it will make other clients more willing to provide video testimonials for you, increasing trust in your brand and improving your online rankings.

Pro VS amature testimonial videos

Pro VS amature side by side comparison

Find out more about professional testimonial videos

There are numerous ways in which having your testimonial videos professionally produced can help your business. If you would like to find out more, or you are interested in having a testimonial video produced for your brand, please contact us. Our specialist team are always happy to help.

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