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Benefits of adding video to a business pitch

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Here are some of the benefits of adding video to a business pitch – so, if you’re not already using video, these are some of the reasons why you should!

So, you’ve got a great idea for a new product or service, and you need people to buy into it. But what is the best way of securing their support? Using video in your business pitch can make all the difference between success and failure.

1. Video creates an emotional connection

One of the main advantages of video is its ability to explain concepts clearly and tell a story. This is the most effective way of making your audience feel a connection with your new product or service, as well as understand it.

For example, the below video Rockmans Creative Media created for the new AirCast App uses the “problem/solution” method to explain the concept simply and quickly as well as creating an emotional connection by placing the viewer into the story.

The simplicity and clarity of a pitch video is key to gaining investment interest for your business. The video does not need to explain the details in full, but rather identify the need and benefits…remember the pitch video is accompanied by people who can delve into more complex details and answer questions.

If a potential investor can view the benefits and advantages of your new product or service from the get-go, they are more likely to want to know more and invest in it.

2. Video can simplify difficult concepts

Video is an excellent way of showing potential investors or buyers how your product or service actually works, and in a way they can easily understand. The AirCast App video above uses graphics to explain and emphasise key features of the product while also being explained by a voice-over at the same time.

The combination of visuals along with a voice-over reinforces the concept and makes it more understandable and memorable. Research shows that people will remember 95 per cent of the information they receive through video, compared to just 10 per cent of the information they read in written text alone.

If you make your pitch video clear, informational and engaging, people will be more willing to take the idea to the next step; purchase or investment.


3. Video is quick and easy to watch

Business pitches tend to be pretty dry documents filled with endless pages of information, forecasts, and accounts. While this is a traditional way of doing things, it doesn’t always appeal to the potential purchaser or investor. These are usually busy people who are only prepared to give you a few minutes of your time.

Video makes your pitch stand out from the crowd because it is much more dynamic. It can be watched quickly, and the information can easily be absorbed. For example, the video shown above is three minutes long. It would be impossible to read a description of a product or service covering all the key points in such a short time!

This is why 59 per cent of business executives prefer to learn about a product through watching a video rather than reading about it. As these are the very people you are likely to be aiming your pitch at, this is a pretty important point to consider.

Screen shot from pitch video animation

You may want to use a pitch video to get you a foot-in-the-door for an initial meeting. Sending an email with a link to the video can stir up interest and give you a head start on delivering your idea to right people in person.

4. Video gets results!

If you are serious about your business pitch, video is a pretty essential component for the simple reason that video results in investment and delivers a ROI. Business pitches that include video raise, on average, 114 per cent more than those without. Success in business ultimately comes down to the numbers, and this is one number you can’t afford to forget.

If you want to include video in your business pitch but aren’t sure where to start, please contact us via the quick form on our home page. Our creative team are always happy to help.

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