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9 Essential Elements Of Corporate Videos

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Corporate video is the traditional term for any non-broadcast video production, so if it’s not on TV, it’s a corporate video. In this age of video, and the many breakdown categories, the term is now strongly associated with company overview videos. These videos describe a company, business or organisation in its entirety. They cover the products and services offered, the point of difference, the facilities and technologies used, the history and origin of the company, locations, their client lists and any other important information. Without a video it would take pages of text to deliver the same information that a single video can.

Here is an example video that delivers a great amount of information on the company RMS. Being in video form, the information is much more engaging than copy on a page. Through elements such as music, Voice over, graphics and high-end footage it also delivers emotions and builds on the brands personality, strength and professionalism.

RMS Corporate Overview Video from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

The 9 Essential Corporate Video Elements

Corporate videos can be made up of several ingredients all working together to effectively deliver information. Here are nine ingredient elements that can be used together or selectively.

  1. Management and staff interviews. This is a great way to deliver unscripted and ‘real’ information to the viewer. When directing interviews we often tell people to speak from the heart rather than from the head. This direction ensures the answers given are genuine and therefore more believable than scripted lines or Voice overs.

2. Testimonials from clients can be added to reinforce the quality and successful outcomes that have been achieved. Video testimonials are a powerful way to convey honest reviews and information that is non-biased and they carry huge amounts of credibility.

3. Visuals are a big part of any video and need to be captured professionally. Vision reinforces the spoken word and should make up 70% of total video. With interviews the audience only needs to see the interviewee for a maximum of 10 seconds before vision should be overlayed. Take a TV news report for example; we see a Journalist at the scene of a building on fire, they say a few lines then while they continue to talk vision of the building, firefighters, onlookers etc. are overlayed. This technique is editing and storytelling 101.

4. Voice Overs are excellent way to deliver information that is more factual than emotional. They work very well mixed with interviews as they allow for the people to deliver the company personality and scripted voice narrations to deliver hard facts. Your Production Company should be able to cast and match the perfect talent for your brand through Voice over Agents.

5. Presenters can be personalities, Staff or Management. If you have the budget, celebrities are a great way to instantly connect to your audience and make sure your message is heard. Usually what you’re paying for is the image of the celebrity to become the image of your brand…we’d love to have our Corporate video presented by Steven Spielberg!

6. On screen graphics can be anything from powerful logo animations to animating graphs or aesthetic treatment of vision.

7. Text pages (usually over graphic a background) are perfect to explain and emphasise important points or lists. They can also break-up the videos sections with heading pages such us “Who We Are”, “What We Do” and “Our Clients” etc.

8. Music plays a big part in setting the emotion and tone of your video. Using multiple tracks are beneficial when changing topics.

9. Library stock footage and image websites such as Shutterstock have many thousands of video clips and photos that can be purchased and added to videos to amazing effect. They really come in handy when you require something that cannot be captured by the video production team or would be too expensive.

How they work?

Company overview videos are typically placed on home pages and are done so to deliver important information to visitors in an engaging way from the very get go. A webpage full of text demands that the user works to access your information; a video is an easy way to deliver that information while asking very little from your visitors. A video also allows for a human element to be included with your message and in a way that builds on a brand, its image and credibility. This makes video an extremely effective and versatile tool for any business.

Capturing a corporate video interview

Video Interview in Progress

Why video?

Video can be one of the most powerful tools your company can have to promote and explain its products or services. Video, unlike most other promotional mediums, can be tailor made to convey complex, emotional and vital information without duration restrictions. Corporate Videos create credibility and attract the viewers’ attention, so you can communicate your core message clearly to your target audience. 

Where to use?

Corporate videos are perfect for your websites home page but can also be used on social media sites and video sharing platforms. The end page ‘call to action’ can be modified for each platform to drive viewers back to your website. The end pages can include contact information and of course generate good old fashioned foot traffic to your location. A video can also be displayed in reception areas, at trade shows or Expos and once loaded to your smart phone and tablet can be taken with you to meetings. The ability to use video for such a multitude of marketing and promotional purposes makes it a strong investment and an important part of ongoing brand development.

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