Amazing Corporate Video Stories Told by AI

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Rockmans Creative Media (RCM) wanted something different for this blog. Something funny, something romantic and something that just makes you go wow! So, we collaborated with AI to bring you 2 stories and a song. We hope you enjoy and revel in what the AI came up with, we were truly amazed!

1. Rockmans Creative Media asks the AI: “In the style of Seinfeld, tell a story of how a man saves a woman’s life using an AED the week before watching the AED training video”.

The AI:

[Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment, Jerry and George are sitting on the couch, discussing their week.]

Jerry: So, George, you won’t believe what happened to me this week.

George: What now?

Jerry: I saved a woman’s life!

George: (sarcastically) Oh, really? Superman Seinfeld to the rescue?

Jerry: No, seriously! I was at the gym, minding my own business, when all of a sudden, this woman collapses.

George: (leaning in) Collapse? Like, “I can’t take the elliptical anymore” collapse?

Jerry: No, no, George. It was serious. She wasn’t breathing. So, I had to do something.

George: (disinterested) Yeah, yeah, so what did you do? Give her mouth-to-mouth or something?

Jerry: (making a face) Mouth-to-mouth? Are you out of your mind? I’m not touching anyone’s mouth. I went straight for the AED!

Video Production shoot for product training

George: AED? What’s that, some new gym equipment?

Jerry: (rolling eyes) No, George, it stands for Automated External Defibrillator. You know, those things they have on the walls that go, “Clear!”

George: Oh, right, the heart zappers. So, you actually used one?

Jerry: (nodding) Yup, I became a certified hero. Popped that thing on her chest, followed the instructions, and bam! She started breathing again.

George: (impressed) Look at you, Dr. Seinfeld! So, where did you learn to use an AED?

Jerry: (smirking) That’s the best part, George. The week before, I was at the gym, and they were showing this AED training video. I thought, “Who needs this? It’s just another thing to ignore.” Little did I know, it would be my time to shine.

George: (sarcastically) Of course, the one time you pay attention to a training video, it’s a matter of life and death.

Jerry: (nodding) The universe has a sense of humor, my friend.

[Elaine enters Jerry’s apartment]

Elaine: Hey, what’s the buzz? What are you guys yakking about?

Jerry: (with a grin) Oh, just how I became a lifesaver at the gym.

Elaine: (sarcastically) Really? You? Lifesaver? I find that hard to believe.

Jerry: (smirking) Believe it or not, Elaine. Next thing you know, they’ll be making a sitcom about it.

[The three share a laugh, and the conversation drifts into the usual Seinfeld banter.]

RCM was not expecting a scripted scene from the show, we thought it would tell a story told by Jerry like he would at a standup comedy gig…we were amazed at the actual result. Here is the AED Training Video that Jerry watched to save the day…and we produced.

2. Rockmans Creative Media asks the AI: In the style of Earnest Hemingway, tell a modern-day love story that stems from watching an aviation academy promotional video.


The aviation academy video flickered on the screen, casting a pale glow in the darkened room. She sat alone, mesmerized by the dreams soaring through the air, framed by the promise of distant horizons. The aviation academy, a gateway to the skies, whispered to her in the cold glow of the laptop.

He, on the other hand, was never one to be tethered to the ground. A wandering soul, seeking the boundless freedom above the clouds. His eyes, deep and blue like the open sky, reflected his passion for the untamed heavens.

They were strangers in a vast world, separated by miles of indifference. Yet, the virtual wings of the academy’s video brought them together, two souls captivated by the allure of flight. In the quiet hum of an online chat, their words became the soft breeze that stirs before take-off.

He spoke of the thrill of conquering the turbulence, of chasing sunsets above the clouds. She listened, her heart following the cadence of his tales, dancing to the rhythm of his dreams. The aviation academy, a catalyst for connection, sparked a flame between two solitary hearts.

As the days unfolded, their messages wove a tapestry of shared aspirations and whispered confessions. The cold glow of the screen transformed into a warm beacon, guiding them towards a rendezvous in the vast expanse of the sky.

Finally, the day arrived when their paths intersected at the aviation academy. Both enrolled to pursue the ethereal dance of flight. He, the seasoned pilot-to-be, and she, the dreamer with untested wings.

Their eyes met across the crowded classroom, recognition sparking between them like the ignition of an engine. The aviation academy, a conduit for destiny, had brought them face to face. The scent of jet fuel mingled with the sweet anticipation of newfound connection.

Student Pilot on airstrip giving a testimonial

In the hangars and on the runway, their love story unfolded. Pre-flight checks became rituals of shared glances and stolen touches. The roar of engines mirrored the pounding of their hearts as they navigated the skies, not only as aspiring pilots but as kindred spirits bound by the call of the wild blue yonder.

Promotional video interview

And so, the aviation academy, with its promises of adventure and discovery, became the backdrop for a love story written in the language of flight—a modern ode to the timeless allure of the boundless sky. OK, this one blew us away. From the first paragraph we knew it was “Hemmingway style”. What a great descriptive story, all conceived in under a second!

Here is the aviation college Promotional video that we produced.

Love is in the Air

3. Rockmans Creative Media asks the AI: Write a song in the style of Bob Dylan that tells the story of how a new company makes a million dollars on social media using marketing videos.

The AI:

(Verse 1) In a world of bits and bytes, where the hashtags roam,

There emerged a company, just a startup home.

They had a vision, a digital dream, To make a million dollars, or so it seemed.

(Chorus) They said, “Roll the camera, let’s make a show,

Marketing videos, let the whole world know.

On the social frontier, where the likes flow free,

A million dollars ain’t what it used to be.”

Video Production crew shooting Instagram video content
Capturing a testimonial interview

(Verse 2) They shot a video, with flair and style,

Told their story, made it worthwhile.

Shared on the networks, a viral spree,

A million eyes watching, a million sets free.

(Chorus) Roll the camera, tell the tale,

In the digital wild, set sail.

Through the pixels and the memes,

A million dollars, not as it seems.

(Bridge) Likes turned to shares, shares to fame,

The company’s logo, now a household name.

On the social highway, they paved their way,

A million dollars, brighter than the day.

(Verse 3) The algorithms smiled, as engagement grew,

Comments, reactions, all in the queue.

In the land of retweets and trending themes,

A million dollars, part of their dreams.

(Chorus) Roll the camera, capture the trend,

In the world of pixels, where dreams transcend.

On the social canvas, painted with glee,

A million dollars, the new currency.

(Verse 4) They cracked the code, in the digital scroll,

A million stories, a million to unfold.

In the marketplace of clicks and shares,

A million dollars, no more despairs.

(Chorus) Roll the camera, let it spin,

In the social whirlwind, let’s begin.

A million dollars, in the social spree,

The company’s anthem, sung by you and me.

(Outro) So here’s the tale, in the digital song,

A million dollars, where they belong.

In the social echoes, where the videos play,

A million dollars, every single day.

That one was definitely a WOW! If we were music writers, we’d make a tune full of harmonica and acoustic guitar to go with the amazing lyrics. Well done AI, well done!
Here’s a look at one of the Social Media videos that the song refers to.

A Million Dollars

RCM has taken advantage of various AI programs. Obviously, a writing AI but also an AI audio program that can remove any and all background noise, for example machinery or traffic noises in the background of an interview.

We also started playing with an AI camera that shoots 360 degrees and allows us to choose which part of frame to use…it’s hard to explain but here’s our first test video (shot at a local oval precinct). 

First test

We hope the enjoyed the stories and song, and as always, if you need a Corporate Video Company in Melbourne to help create professional video content, call us on 03 9500 0053 or email

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