How to Use Company Overview Videos

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Your workplace culture says a lot about your brand, to everyone from investors to employees. It’s also of more interest to your customers than you might think. So how can you convey the culture of your workplace to all those who want to know about it? Enter the company overview video.

The changing face of the company overview video

A company overview video doesn’t have to be the visual equivalent of a dry boardroom report. These days companies are letting viewers behind the scenes of the workplace or offering video profiles of key staff members who are the most likely to appeal to the target audience.

As video is such a versatile medium, it enables companies to get information across in a wide variety of entertaining and engaging ways. This has led to the company overview video having an increasing number of uses, which are highly beneficial for all businesses, companies and organisations.

The below video gives the viewer engaging information on Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Corporate Overview Video by RCM for Walter & Eliza Hall Medical Research

Video for internal communications

Video can be a great way of getting messages across to the whole workforce in a format that will engage them effectively. Funny, entertaining videos about the company will make meetings and training sessions more interesting. Videos showing company progress and celebrating milestones can be a powerful motivating factor for employees as they will feel proud of their achievements.

Keeping your employees happy at work is essential to the success of your business. Research shows that people who love their jobs are more productive than those who don’t. This is why the company overview video is a powerful tool for internal communications – 87 percent of executives believe that video has a highly positive impact on company culture, with 44 percent predicting that video will become the predominant form of communication within their company in the next five years.


Company Overview Video Interview

The rise of video in recruitment

At least 24 percent of companies are now using company culture videos and employee testimonial videos on the careers pages of their websites to enhance their recruitment processes. This number is only likely to rise as job advertisements containing video icons receive 12 percent more views than those without.

Here is a Corporate Culture video example created for Clifford Hallam Healthcare, it features happy staff, management and voice over components that describe how the business operates.

Team Culture Video Example for CH2 by Rockmans Creative Media

The two most important elements of a workplace for employees are culture and engagement. This is why video is an ideal medium for attracting potential recruits – a job description can’t convey the culture of a company, but a video can.

Company overview videos on social media

The company overview video is becoming even more powerful for recruitment because 84 percent of organisations now use social media to recruit new employees. Video is the ideal medium for this, as video content is shared 1,200 percent more on social media than text and image content combined. This means job advertisements containing videos will be shared more widely, giving businesses a much wider pool of potential employees to choose from.

However, company culture videos can also be an effective means of persuading social media users to engage with your brand. Offering exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes company videos to your online followers makes them feel like part of your world. Research shows that people are more motivated when they feel as if they belong to a particular group.


Corporate overview video production shoot

This is how the concept of social proof works – if everyone else is talking about a particular brand, you’ll be more likely to want to find out what it’s all about. For this reason, sharing company culture videos on social media is a powerful way of increasing engagement with your brand – particularly on Instagram, which has the highest brand engagement rate of any social network.

Company overview videos increase sales

Customers value honesty and transparency. If people believe your brand culture is honest and authentic, they are 63 percent more likely to buy from you, and 23 percent more likely to invest in your brand.


Studio Corporate Video Shoot

By putting human faces to your brand and showing a realistic account of what life in the company is like, particularly if you can show a work process or manufacturing facility as part of this, you will convince consumers and potential investors of your honesty and integrity as a brand.

This is why you should be using company overview videos – they’re a versatile means of communicating your brand messages to all the people who contribute to the success of your business.

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