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What Are The Benefits of Social Media Videos for Business

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Should Your Business Be Using Social Media Videos? If you’re not yet using video as part of your social media marketing strategy, you’re being left behind. The statistics for its success speak for themselves – 87 percent of businesses who include video in their marketing strategies are using it on social media, with 78 percent of these finding it successful. So why is social media video so popular, and how can it boost the success of your business?

Social Media Users are Open to Advertising Content

Consumers in general prefer video to any other type of branded content – 74 percent of consumers will go on to buy a product or service after watching a video about it. But this is particularly significant in the case of social media users.

Here’s our first example of a social media video, it’s short in duration, to the point and has high-end production values.
  Comparison Video BY Rockmans Creative Media/Iezzi

The appetite for video content of all kinds on social media is huge. Facebook, the largest and most influential social network, reports that over 8 billion videos are watched on its platform every day. A video on Facebook will receive 135 percent more organic reach than a photograph on the same platform.

It’s not just Facebook, either – 82 percent of users watch videos on Instgram, Twitter; and YouTube, which is also considered a social network, is used to watch more than 500 million hours of video every single day.

Obviously, these are huge audiences to tap into. But it gets better than that. Social media users don’t just like videos; they actually like video advertising content. 43 percent of them would like to see more video content from marketers.

A huge 95 percent of consumers aged 18 to 34 follow brands on social media. And with targeted advertising available to paid advertisers on social media, such as Facebook’s “audience targeting” option, it’s never been easier to reach the people who are the most likely to buy into your brand.


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Social Media Video Grows Brand Awareness

One of the main advantages of using video in your social media marketing strategy is that it’s a quick and effective means of growing awareness of your brand. This is because social media users love to share video content – videos are shared 1,200 percent more on social media than text and image content combined.

This love of sharing extends to advertising content, too. Only three percent of consumers state that they would never share a branded video on social media. This compares to 70 percent of social media users who have shared branded videos. 76 percent say they would share a branded video if it was entertaining.

These figures show that if your followers are watching your videos on social media, there’s a very good chance that all their friends and followers will be, too.


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Video is Ideal for Mobile

Almost 80 percent of all social media activity now takes place on mobile devices. 5G technology and improved location services have made it easier than ever before to watch videos wherever you go. Research shows that the devices we watch advertising content on actually influence the ways in which we respond to and interact with that content.

Mobile users are 1.4 times more likely to watch ads than television viewers, and twice as likely to feel a personal connection to brands using video content. A huge 92 percent of mobile users will share video content with others.

Here our second social media video example. It was designed to keep viewers watching to the end by starting with an offer to be revealed.
       Marketing Video by Rockmans Creative Media

Video Helps to Create Personal Connections

Social media is all about interactivity and creating personal connections with your followers. One of its main benefits is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with your followers in real times, enabling them to feel involved with your brand and building trust. Video is the ideal medium for this – for a start, it can evoke emotional responses in your audience more successfully than any other type of content marketing, inspiring them to comment. This gives you the chance to respond, involving your audience in the discussion surrounding your brand and making them feel empowered.

You can even choose to send personalised video messages to your most devoted followers, for maximum engagement.

Social Media Users are Discerning

One point to watch out for is that social media users are now watching so much video every day that they have high standards in terms of quality. 61 percent of consumers report that they have been discouraged from buying a product if they have watched a poor-quality video about it.

A high quality video on social media is a highly effective tool for building brand awareness and creating more sales; and with the popularity of video set to increase, it’s something you really can’t afford to be missing out on.

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