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Are you using video as part of your content marketing mix? If so, you need to make sure your video offering is of the highest quality – and this means having your video produced and edited by an experienced professional. Here’s why.

Make your video content stand out from the crowd

The popularity of online video has exploded over the last few years. 87 percent of marketers now use video as part of their digital marketing strategies. However, many of these are choosing to shoot their own videos and photographs using existing equipment and personnel from their own companies. This can be highly time consuming, and without professional editing equipment and experienced producers, the end results are not likely to meet the quality standards today’s audiences expect.

When it comes to putting your video content together, it’s essential to know how to create a flowing, engaging narrative with high production values if you want to attract and retain audiences and improve the profile of your brand. A professional producer has the knowledge and experience to do this, as well as having access to state-of-the-art equipment that will give your video the best sound and picture quality in addition to a number of other important features.

For example, the below event presentation video for the Eporo CBD building by the Coptic Orthodox Church in Melbourne uses photographs and video footage shot by the client during the construction of the building. However, additional visual interest has been added with openers, closers, animating title straps, colour grading, story flow and various music tracks, all to create a professional, engaging video that flows smoothly and holds audience interest by telling the story in a fluent way.

Professional Video Editing Services Melbourne – Sample Edit from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

Why does a professional narrative matter?

Audiences these days are so accustomed to seeing video, particularly on social media, that they expect certain quality standards to be met. Over 500 million hours of video are now watched on YouTube every single day. If you want your video to be one of them, it’s vital to make it stand out from the crowd by offering the viewer a high-quality experience that holds their interest.

Having your video narrative created by experienced professionals will increase your video’s chance of being watched to the end – for almost half of all viewers (43 percent), this decision is made within the first 15 seconds of a video.

A producer with plenty of professional experience can work with you to structure an engaging story around the ideas and footage you already have. This will not only hold viewers’ interest, it will also encourage them to like and share it on social media, spreading your brand message to a wider audience. Content that is humorous or provokes an emotional response is most likely to be shared, along with behind-the-scenes videos and educational videos. A professional producer will be able to create content that provokes these responses in an audience.

High End Avid Edit Suite

Avid Media Composer Edit Suite

Are sound and visual effects important?

Adding background music is a way of heightening the emotional response to a video, while visual effects make the experience more immersive and versatile. Opening and closing titles make your video look much more professional, while elements such as animation or stop-motion add to the visual appeal. Captions are particularly useful if you’re posting your video to Facebook – adding captions to a Facebook video ad increases its viewing time by an average of 12 percent, as 85 percent of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Captions enable your brand message to get through even when the audio is turned off.

Is quality really that important in marketing videos?

Online consumers do not differentiate so much between entertainment and advertising content as traditional television viewers. 54 percent of consumers online believe that branding does not negatively affect the quality of a video.

However, with 90 percent of consumers now using video to help them make purchase decisions, it is more important than ever that your marketing videos look professional. Research shows that 62 percent of customers would be likely to have a negative view of a brand that produced a poor-quality video. Poor video quality also dissuades 23 percent of customers from purchasing from that brand.

A edit timeline view

Avid Media Composer Timeline

A professional video production company will save you time, money and effort. They will work alongside you to produce the results that you want, and deliver on time and on budget, so there’s no need for your business to suffer any downtime as a result of the lengthy video production process. They will also, vitally, create a video that your audience actually want to see, boosting the visibility and credibility of your brand.

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