Benefits of Logo Animations

The Powerful Benefits of a Logo Animation

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Want to know how to make your business stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive online marketplace? Get your logo animated!

Why your logo matters for your business

We can all recognise hundreds of businesses by their logos. Think of Coca-Cola, McDonalds or Apple, and their logos instantly spring to the forefront of our minds – these images have become intrinsically associated with the brands they represent.

This is because your logo is the main visual representation of your brand. It depicts the unique identity of your company, acting as an anchor for consumers. It encourages trust and confidence when it comes to purchase decisions and promotes brand loyalty. The more familiar consumers become with your logo, the more beneficial that logo will be to your brand.

A logo can be text, a visual image, or a combination of the two. Sometimes a logo can become so iconic that the brand can safely remove the wording, confident that the image will be recognisable enough on its own. This is a technique that can, in fact, increase the popularity of the brand, as was the case for Nike, Apple, Playstation, Target, and many others.

However, with so much competition for businesses these days, particularly online, it can be increasingly hard to gain the attention of consumers, which is why your logo has to be able to shout above the noise. Research shows that today’s consumers will form their first impression of your logo within 10 seconds, but they will need to see it five to seven times on average before they can recognise it as belonging to your brand. This is why it’s more important than ever to make your logo as visually memorable as possible. A standout image can start working for you, boosting the profile of your brand, within the shortest amount of time.

Why you should have your logo animated

Animation is a growing trend in logo design but most companies aren’t using it yet. Getting in there while it’s still relatively new will instantly put your business ahead of the game. It brings your brand to life and makes it more memorable.

In addition, an animated logo tells the viewer that you care about the image you present to the world – as you have obviously invested extra time, care and money into enhancing your brand image. This makes your audience think of you as a brand worth investing in.

Animating logo storyboard

Here’s a story board of a logo animation that is completed in the below video

An animated logo has a number of important uses when it comes to marketing your business:

  • As an opener and closer for branded video content.
  • As an introductory screen to your website – visitors can click on the animated logo to enter the site.
  • As a GIF in email signatures.
  • As a looped animation on a screen in your office reception.
  • In educational training video content.

Animation makes your logo more memorable, interesting and versatile in all of these situations – print media matters so little these days that it’s far more important to have a logo that’s fit for the digital age.

Animated logos in video marketing

Video content is now an essential part of both B2C and B2B marketing. 90 percent of consumers now watch videos to help them make purchase decisions, and 65 percent of business decision makers will visit the website of a brand whose video they have watched.

This is why branding is extremely important. A consistent and recognisable brand image, including a logo, creates affinity and trust with consumers, which means, the more memorable your logo, the more it will translate into leads and sales for your business.

Here are examples of logos we have animated for our client videos, there are 14 back-to-back logo animations.

Animated logos lend themselves perfectly to the medium of video. They build the anticipation of the viewer before the real action starts – think of Pixar’s jumping torch. As soon as we see this logo, we know what type of movie to expect and anticipate that we’re going to enjoy it.

There’s no need to worry about an animated logo making your branding too obvious – consumers have a large appetite for branded videos, with 43 percent saying they want to see more video content from brands online.

Animated logos and social media

If you’re posting branded video content online, it’s highly likely you’re using social media as part of your marketing strategy. These channels are where animated logos really come into their own. Viewers on social media are so bombarded with visual content that their attention spans for each piece of content are shorter than ever before – so the more quickly you can engage the viewer, the better for your business. Over half of all videos posted on social media are under two minutes long.

Ideally, you should be looking to grab the attention of your audience within the first three seconds of your video. 65 percent of Facebook users who watch your video for this long will stick with it for at least 10 seconds, and 45 percent will continue to watch for 30 seconds. An animated logo is the perfect attention-grabbing introduction to your video, setting your brand apart from those with static logos.

Animated logos are set to become the future of successful branding. Why not get in there before the competition?

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