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How to Create Influential Case Study Videos

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A good case study video can be the ultimate marketing tool. Here we take a look at why they’re so effective, and what you can do to make sure your case study video has maximum impact.

Why do case studies work?

Case studies are an excellent way of creating consumer trust in both the B2C and B2B markets. Consumers feel more confident in purchasing a product when they can see evidence that it has had positive results for other consumers who have purchased it already. In a digital world so saturated with advertising, people are reluctant to believe the claims of branded advertising, and would much rather rely on testimonials from people like themselves who have actually used the product and have no vested interest in promoting it.

Online testimonials have become so valuable that 88 percent of consumers now trust them as much as recommendations from family and friends when making purchase decisions. It’s little wonder that a huge 89 percent of marketers rate customer testimonials and case studies as the most effective types of content marketing.

Case studies are particularly effective as they combine testimonials with actual evidence of how the product works and benefits the user, inspiring a great deal of confidence in potential customers. This is especially true for B2B companies, as employees are rated as the most trusted voices on a wide variety of different business topics.

Why use video for your case study?

Video is the ideal medium for case studies as it’s more memorable and creates a much stronger emotional connection with the viewer than any other type of content. Viewers on average remember over 90 percent of the information they receive through video, compared to just 10 percent through written text. Video has many advantages when it comes to helping people retain information, including visuals, which are particularly helpful in product demonstrations, and the body language of the people speaking on-screen, which adds an essential element of authenticity to testimonials.

Camera Operator get interview location ready

Getting the interview location set with Sony fs7 Camera

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, video offers you a distinct competitive edge over other businesses in your field. 90 percent of consumers now use online videos to help them make purchase decisions, while 59 percent of business decision makers prefer to watch a video than to receive the same information through written text.

Given these preferences, it’s little wonder that marketers who use video grow revenue an average of 49 percent faster than those who don’t.

What makes video case studies so effective?

A video case study gives you the opportunity to combine a wide variety of different information into one concise package. As with the example here which we produced for Hawker Richardson, a video case study can take the form of an interview with an existing client, set within their workplace, which enables the viewer to see how the products are being used and how they’re making life easier for the workforce, as well as hearing the customer’s testimonial. This is an extremely powerful message, as the footage reinforces the testimonial by demonstrating the product on a practical level.

Video Case Study Example from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

Recent research shows that the three most effective types of video content are:

  • Customer testimonials (51 percent)
  • Tutorials (50 percent)
  • Demonstrations (49 percent)

A good video case study can easily tick two of these boxes, if not all three, within the same couple of minutes of video.

What a good video case study can achieve

A high quality, professional video case study can be one of the most effective marketing techniques. It enables you to promote your business to potential clients without being overly promotional or self-congratulatory, as your current clients are essentially doing the promotion for you. This creates higher levels of trust and confidence in potential clients, as they will relate to the experience of your previous customers and gain the peace of mind they need to buy your products or services themselves.

How to produce a good video case study

Firstly you need the help of a professional corporate video production company so your end product matches the quality of your brand. If your video is poor quality it will reflect directly on your product and service, your intended messages will not get through but unintended messages will shine, such as your cheapness, lack of brand pride and absence of standards. High quality video content lifts your brand, low quality video content damages it.

Cameraman shooting vision of robot

Capturing footage factory robot

Secondly select one of your clients that not only has your products but a suitable environment for a production shoot i.e. not too noisy, dangerous or inaccessible. They of course need to be willing to participate and be interviewed as well as have a camera crew on-site for approx. 3 to 4 hours.

On the production day interview your client in their workplace (see examples of questions below) and capture vision of your products in action, their staff using your products, general vision of their workplace and staff and even a rep form your company on-site and with your client.

Ten sample interview questions   

  1. Tell us about your business.
  2. What do you produce?
  3. What type of industry do you sell to/clientele?
  4. How are the products manufactured?
  5. What equipment is used in the manufacturing process?
  6. What did you purchase from us?
  7. Why did you purchase these products?
  8. What has been the benefits/outcomes of using our products?
  9. Describe the service you have received from us.
  10. Would you recommend us and why?

Your production company will then edit your video and deliver the final result as a file which you can use on your website, social media pages, in direct email marketing etc. Your client may also want to feature it.

If your business is Melbourne based and you’re looking for a production company to work with visit our home page, or for more posts on profit making ideas visit our video marketing blog page.

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