Do Video Testimonials Work?

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Video testimonials are becoming increasingly popular. Of all the types of content marketing, over 50 percent of marketers now rate video testimonials as the most effective. So what is it about them that businesses love so much?

Consumers don’t trust the word of businesses…

In today’s tech-savvy world, we’re bombarded by advertising. But we also have a huge variety of other information available to us, more than ever before. This has led to consumers not trusting what businesses have to say about their own products. Research reveals that 76 percent of people believe adverts are “very exaggerated” or “somewhat exaggerated.” That’s why it’s vital for businesses to gain independent recommendations if they want to build consumer trust.

…consumers trust other consumers

Online reviews from other consumers are now one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses. 97 percent of consumers now take reviews from other customers into account when making purchase decisions. 60 percent say that customer reviews are the source of information they trust the most when making decisions about products and services – equal with recommendations from friends and family.


This clearly illustrates the power of the customer review. It provides us with social proof – the scientific concept where people’s behaviour and tastes are influenced by those of others. If everyone else is talking about how great a particular product or service is, we’re far more likely to want to buy into it ourselves.

Our first testimonial video example features 4 clients delivering unscripted reviews and opinions on the service and products they receive from Raw Materials.

                 Video Testimonial from Rockmans Creative Media

We trust the words of other consumers who have made the decision before us as they’re independent of the business and have nothing to gain personally by giving a product or service their recommendation. Endorsements from celebrities and well-known influencers within a particular sector are also more trusted than adverts. However, as consumers know they are being paid for their services, many aren’t receptive to influence marketing. Testimonials from real-life independent customers, on the other hand, will win every time.

Video testimonials versus written reviews

While there can be no doubt that customers still trust written reviews, video testimonials add even more credibility to a product or service recommendation. This is partly because people want to identify themselves with others – a psychological phenomenon known as implicit egotism. When we actually see and hear someone speaking positively about a product, we can put a face to the words so we identify with them more because we have proof that they’re a real person, just like us.

Here’s a second testimonial video example.  This video features two clients that deliver endorsement with authority.
           Premier Technologies Testimonial Video Example from Rockmans Creative Media

Video can also offer the benefit of more emphasis – vocal expression and body language are powerful communicators and add weight to the person’s words.

Then, there’s the fact that video testimonials stick in people’s minds more than written ones. Studies show that viewers retain over 90 percent of the information they’ve seen in a video, compared to just 10 percent of what they’ve read. This is a pretty important difference when it comes to influencing people’s shopping habits.

Consumers prefer video

Where video testimonial really scores is in that it not only offers consumers the information they want, but it gives them this in their preferred format. Four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it.


A well-made video testimonial can offer viewers all the information they need in order to make a purchase decision. Customers want to see the real-life experiences of others to reassure them that a product or service is worth buying. Does it actually work? Is it easy to use? How good is the customer service if you need help or want to return a product?

Customers can spot a fake a mile away. As long as your video testimonials are honest accounts from independent customers, they can be the most powerful digital marketing tool money can buy.

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