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Can Video Improve your Google Analytic Stats?

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Your website is one of your most important marketing tools; but how can you measure and improve its success? Google Analytics can provide you with the information you need to make your website work for you – and video can be the way to increase your website traffic and give your stats the boost they need.

What is Google Analytics?

If you’re not using Google Analytics yet, you really should be, as it gives you valuable information about the people who visit your website. It offers you insights not just about how visitors interact with your site but also about the characteristics of your visitors, including their age, gender and geographic location. This enables you to market your products and services more effectively by building an accurate picture of your target audience.

The insights provided by Google Analytics are essential when it comes to determining the effectiveness and improving its success, as they show you what your customers want. And in the digital age, what consumers want is video. Here’s how including video on your website can improve your Google Analytics stats.

Video attracts more visitors to your website

Including video on your website can increase your traffic from organic searches by a huge 157 percent. This is largely because consumers are much more likely to choose your site over others in search results if it contains video – research shows that four times as many consumers would sooner watch a video about a product than read about it.


RCM Cameraman on Video Shoot

The trend can also be seen in B2B marketing, which is now also highly influenced by video – 65 percent of business decision makers will visit a brand’s website after watching a video about it.

This in itself will increase your ranking in organic search results, as the more popular your page is, the more trustworthy it is deemed to be. Also, however, video boosts your ranking by increasing the value of your offering when it comes to the most important element for SEO: content. Search engines want to provide users with quality content that will give them the most relevant answers to their search queries. The presence of video indicates that your site contains a rich content mix, which will increase your ranking on results pages – including video on a landing page increases your chance of appearing on the first page of search results by 53 percent.

The more visible your site is in search results, the more organic visitors it will attract.

Video increases the time people spend on your site

If you want your website to give you the maximum benefit as a marketing tool, you need to increase the amount of time people spend on it. Why? Because you want them to explore and interact with your site so they can discover all that your business has to offer, not just the information they originally searched for.

To do this, you need to reduce your bounce rate – the percentage of your visitors that leave your website without looking at any page other than the one they landed on. Video is an excellent way of achieving this, as it engages your audience by provoking an emotional response, promoting an attachment to your brand which will make them want to discover more.

Here you can view one of the many short videos we created for VMCH. The video is part of a set that was spread throughout their Allied Health webpage.

What is Allied Health? from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

Including video content on your website can improve your bounce rate by 34 percent, and yield a 100 percent increase in the amount of time visitors spend on your website. It can also increase the number of page views your website receives by 63 percent, especially if you include videos on several pages throughout your site.

Video increases conversions

The whole purpose of marketing is to encourage consumers to take action, “converting” website viewers into leads and sales. Video is a powerful tool when it comes to increasing conversions, especially when you consider that 90 percent of consumers now use product videos to help them make purchase decisions, and 64 percent are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

This is why including video on a landing page boosts conversion rates by up to 80 percent.

Video can be used in a huge number of ways on your website, including:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Testimonials
  • Profiles
  • Vlogs

Content of this kind promotes trust in your brand as viewers identify with what they see, making them more likely to buy from you. It also increases your reputation as a reliable source of information, which will improve your visibility in search results and give your Google Analytics stats the boost you’ve been looking for.

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