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They say never work with animals or babies!!

Well, when Slumber Bub approached RCM to create company promotional videos and training videos for their new on-line baby sleep program we were concerned about the myth as the videos involved age specific Instructional Videos for babies aged 6 to 12 months old.

Pre production work for RCM was minimal; Slumber Bub provided the all important scripts and we proof read and finessed them. The location, parents and babies were also provided by the client, so RCM began the process of casting the presenter roll. It didn’t take long to settle on Mimi, as you can see from the promotional video above, Mimi was the perfect pick and as a bonus Mimi was visibly pregnant.

RCM then started on the graphics package… logo animation, animating background for text and animating title straps.
After creating the call sheet and video production rundown we locked in the shoot date.

RCM knew the video production rundown was very much just a wish list, we had to be very opportunistic on the day… if a baby was eating, playing, getting changed or doing any of the things we required for the training videos we would stop what we were doing and re-set lights and camera to film the baby in action!

All in all, working with babies is fine, as long as you work with them on their time!
Our presenter Mimi, flew through her lines via a tele prompter and the day was a success with all vision captured.

RCM spent a week in post production edits. We created three training videos (age specific instructional videos), a short testimonial video, a company promotional video for YouTube and an introduction video for Slumber Bub’s homepage.

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