Promotional Video for Gordon Studio Glassblowers

Promotional Video for Gordon Studio Glassblowers

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This month RCM showcases a labour of love promotional video production that was a true pleasure to create.
Glassblowing is stunning and ancient art form that really needs to be seen to be appreciated and that’s exactly why Gordon Studio Glassblowers commissioned us to create a promotional video.

After visiting their Red Hill studio we were very excited, the colours within the studio and the surrounding area was stunning. Instantly we knew this would make for a visual video production treat.
The one hurdle was how to film the existing pieces in a way that would show the entire piece.
When visiting the studio you can pick up each piece and examine it from all angles… we wanted to show that in the promotional video.

After a long hunt we found the perfect way… a turn-table.
Each piece was placed on the turn-table and spun around, revealing all angles and allowing the light to shine through.

Next we decided on the promotional video’s structure.
We decided to create the video in documentary style, that way we could deliver true emotions and the organic nature of the art and Glassblowers Grant and Eileen.

Once we had the structure planed, written interview questions and created the rundown we booked the production day.
We spent a morning interviewing Grant and Eileen, an afternoon capturing the art and an evening filming the glassblowing exhibitions that Gordon Studio hold open to the public.

We selected a complementary music track and created the open and closing graphics before taking all the elements in to the edit suite.
Creating mini documentaries is much more time consuming than scripted video productions.
The flow of the video is created by storytelling, which in this case involved piecing together interview answers and exhibition grabs.
This is an art form in itself, but RCM’s broadcast experienced editor did a great job and the end result is a wonderful story with a beginning, middle and end that flows naturally and is engaging to view.

June’s project of the month is the full length version of the promotional video.
A cut-down version running 60 seconds was also created.

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