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What is a Landing Page Video

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More and more businesses are now choosing to include video on their landing pages. But what are landing page videos, and what advantages can they offer your business?

The purpose of a landing page

In order to understand why landing page videos work, first it’s essential to understand the purpose of a landing page on your website. A landing page, while part of your site, stands alone in that it only exists to persuade viewers to take one specific action, such as completing a form or calling a number. Landing pages generally have one of three specific purposes:

  • Making direct sales
  • Generating leads
  • Building customer relationships

Landing pages are often built for specific marketing campaigns. They have very few links to the rest of your site, as this distracts from the main goal of the page, which is the direct action you want the viewer to take. Even though your Home page and your Contact Us page have specific purposes, they are not the same as landing pages, as they have their own distinct goal sets.

How does video work on a landing page?

Video is an excellent way of conveying the message of your landing page, due to the way it engages audiences. Four times as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product or service than to read about it. This is what makes video so effective when it comes to convincing audiences to take a specific action.

When it comes to direct sales, it’s worth remembering that 90 percent of consumers now use videos to help them make purchase decisions. A well-made product video on your landing page will give you a competitive advantage over marketers just using text alone.

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Your landing page video is also useful for lead generation because it will boost traffic to your website’s pages. Consumers interested in the product or service you’re offering are likely to be shopping around online, performing organic searches in order to find the company that’s offering them what they’re looking for. Video outperforms other types of content marketing when it comes to SEO. A landing page that includes a video is 53 percent more likely to show up on the first page of search results than one without video, making it significantly easier for customers to find your business online through organic search and then sign up for your newsletter, or take whatever other action you want them to take to become a lead.

Video is also highly effective for building relationships with customers, particularly if you show some of the human faces behind the product or service you’re offering, as this increases consumer trust in your brand. Actually being able to see and identify with real company employees creates an emotional connection, which fosters long-lasting brand loyalty.

The below example of a landing page video created specifically for our own Promotional Web Video page, it will only work on that page as it gives instructions relevant to the page. The video also demonstrates the way a human face offering real-life insights into the business makes the viewer feel instantly more comfortable and engaged with the company.

RCM Promotional Web Video Page Intro (landing page video) from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

The effectiveness of landing page videos

Landing page videos not only fulfil the three main purposes of landing pages, they also increase the chances of the required action being taken. Viewers on average will retain 95 percent of the information they receive in a video, compared to just 10 percent of information they read in text. This means they are more likely to remember to take the action required, such as filling in a form or clicking a link, if it is explained clearly to them in a video.

It’s little wonder that including a video on a landing page has been shown to increase conversions by over 80 percent. If you’re not using video on your landing pages yet, it’s definitely time to start.

For further information on this topic view our Vlog from MD Josh Rockman below.

Landing Page Videos – 90% of Businesses are Getting them Wrong! from Rockmans Creative Media on Vimeo.

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