Training Video Case Study 2:

Ventura Buses



Here’s a page with a case study using a safety video for Ventura busses.

It was produced to give their drivers information and techniques they need to handle any confrontations that may occur on their bus routes.

Martial arts and security expert Con Tsoukas devised a set of procedures that can be implemented to deal with aggressive or disruptive passengers.

It was our job to film staged scenarios so that these procedures can be demonstrated.

The safety video shoot required 3 cameras, a bus, a driver, passengers and of course our aggressive customer (played by a friend of one of the producers).

Over the course of a single day we set up and recorded each scenario and the different ways that it could be handled.

The performances delivered by our “actors” for the day were outstanding, making the video engaging and very believable.

We also filmed an introduction and conclusion from Con and a message to drivers from Ventura Managing Director Andrew Cornwall.


 In the edit we constructed an entertaining and informative video where Ventura drivers can see realistic representations of possible aggressive or violent scenarios and how to handle those scenarios best.

  Tense music was chosen to emphasise the mood of the aggressive and confrontational scenes adding a powerful element to the video.

  We also included title pages explaining the various techniques and procedures reinforcing the information throughout the safety video.


   RCM created a DVD master and had 1,300 copies duplicated.
These DVD ‘s were added to the Ventura Risk Management training program.


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