Training Video Case Study 1:

AHS Hospitality



This page is a case study using the instructional video that details the 22 step process on how to clean a hotel room at Crown Towers.
AHS hospitality is Australia’s leading hospitality guest services provider and an RCM client.
Crown Towers is one of many hotels AHS service and each Hotel has different procedures to follow when making up a guest room.

The Benefits of Training Videos

AHS are aware of the many benefits of training videos and commission RCM to produce instructional videos for their large workforce. With such a large number of staff AHS provide services to multiple organisations Australia wide, so it is important that training new staff is an efficient process that doesn’t place unnecessary burden on existing staff and Management.

When it comes to training large workforces Instructional videos are the easiest and most effective way to ensure all staff receives the required training information from their first day on the job and with consistency.

The sample below is an instructional video sample that teaches AHS staff the 22 steps and procedures of cleaning and preparing Hotel rooms for Crown Towers in Melbourne.

RCM shot the video over a single day at Crown Towers; we captured an AHS employee carrying out the 22 steps room by room.

An AHS supervisor was present to ensure that all tasks and procedures were completed to the required standards.

This was an important step as staff who will watch the video in the future will then be asked to replicate what they see and in the correct order, which means that everything must be performed correctly on the day of filming.

Vision was captured of each step in the process from several angles so that the video can clearly and accurately represent what is involved.


In post-production the video was edited together with a voice over explaining each step along the way.

The steps are then recapped at the end with on screen text to ensure the information is thoroughly covered and easy to follow.

The result is an instructional video that can be used over and over again to train staff and ensure that a consistent level of quality is maintained even with high staff turnover.



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