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Video Production Samples

Samples of RCM-Produced Videos

Web Video

Raw Materials Web Video Production

Polo Academy Web Video Production

If your business, company or organisation has a website, then it needs video. Web videos can be used on your home page or specific pages on your website. They can be spread throughout the internet on video sharing sites such as You Tube and Vimeo etc. but also on social media sites such as Google +, Facebook and Twitter. Web videos are the best way to communicate to your audience in an engaging way. They deliver your key information with emotion…and that’s how to connect with your clients and customers!

Presentation Video

Swinburne Graduation Video Production

Regis Presentation Video

Used in conferences and person to person presentations these videos bring the outside world directly to your audience. They complement speeches, pitches and demonstrations and can be added to PowerPoint presentations as well as delivering messages and visuals that can’t be done at the venue.

Promotional Video

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THYCON Industrial Promotional Video

Catholic Homes Promotional Video

Video is wonderful and powerful way to promote almost anything, especially your products and services. A promotional video can include testimonials and demonstrations, as well as showcase your business, company or organisations features, point-of-difference, staff and premises. As with Web videos, Promotional videos can be used on your home page and spread throughout the web. They are also a must for Trade shows and Showrooms.

Video Training

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Holmesglen TAFE Training Video

Australian College of Massage Training Video

When it comes to training, video is king! A training video delivers the right information each and every time. They can be viewed multiple times at the trainees’ choice of time and location…but the best thing about training through video is the fact that once created, they keep on delivering the required techniques and information with no further costs. Many businesses, companies and organisations use staff to travel large distances to deliver training methods, but what if that person has a ‘bad day’? What if the techniques and information aren’t delivered with consistency? Video solves that and best of all takes up a fraction of your training budget.

Real Estate Video

Modina Homes Real Estate Video

Boom Properties Real Estate Video

What do you do when you can’t take your horse to water?…You take water to your horse of course! It’s the same with Real Estate videos. A video can showcase any property, and can be delivered directly to potential buyers…anywhere in the world. Photos are good but video is better! A Real Estate video can include a scripted voice over, floor plans and of course visuals of features and highlights. They should be added to all marketing budgets as a high-end video is a very cost effective way to make that sale!

Event Video

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Sydney Swans’ Event Video

Toyota Dealer Meet Event Video

So you’ve planned for months and you’re spending a fortune but what happens when the event is over? Where’s the lasting benefit?…and what about the important people that couldn’t attend? Well next time you’re planning your big business event, you might want to include a Camera crew to capture the events proceedings. Once captured a highlight video (also known as a Sizzle reel) can be edited. If required the entire event can be packaged in video form. Video is a great way to visually document the event and be can used internally and externally to promote, explain, train and remember the information and demonstrations shown.